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The Gold Mining Project of a Lifetime!


Welcome to my new, private (by special invitation only), gold mining investment page. Near the end of 2011, I made a personal huge decision to return to the gold mining business here in Ecuador. I made this decision for several reasons:


  • An old friend from Calgary (1980's), who is also a successful businessman, convinced me that he would handle the business end of the gold mining project, leaving me free to focus exclusively on the part of the business I love the most… finding the gold and getting it out of the ground profitably. We both live in Cuenca now so this is our main headquarters.
  • World political and economic conditions are on the edge of disaster and collapse. This is extremely bullish for the price of gold. The pressure has been building and conditions are now ready to explode, this year and next.
  • Good junior gold mining companies and new world gold sources are on the decline.
  • We discovered a brilliant way to create new, legal gold concessions in Ecuador during a time when concessions are not generally being granted.


I have been very busy for nearly two years now. My first job was to find the gold. Of course, this is something that I have been doing in Ecuador for more than 20 years so I wasn't too worried about it.

That said, I did something different this time that I have never done before. I decided to create a checklist based on all of my decades of experience in gold mining around the Americas. I created an extremely challenging checklist. I set things up so that if I could find gold properties that met all of my checklist criteria, failure would become nearly impossible.

Maybe I didn't quite realize it at the time, but that checklist ended up making my life much more difficult than I had anticipated. I began my quest about two years ago. It literally took thousands of kilometers of travel down dusty and difficult jungle roads. It took washing several hundred test pans of gold-bearing gravel. It required more than 100 conversations with local jungle natives. It took sleeping in dozens of flea-bitten hotels. I had to eat all kinds of weird stuff when normal food was nowhere to be found. I had to ford white water rivers and climb jungle mountains.


Stan - Dead Tired at the End of a Long, Hot, Jungle Climb


At the end of the day, we finally accomplished the goal! We discovered the very richest gold deposits I have ever seen in my entire career. Not only did we discover amazing gold, we found these rich new deposits existing along with all of the other criteria on my super gold prospector's checklist!


Many of Our Alluvial Test Pans Are Incredibly Rich!


We immediately created a business plan, went out and raised about 80% of the investment capital that we required from local ex-pats. We began quietly purchasing surface rights where we made our gold discoveries so that we can completely control the areas to be mined (this is one of the items on my checklist).

Then, we began building fully self-sustained mining camps that can be run off the grid. We began hiring the very best people available in the country based on my previous network of mining professionals. We also chose the very best lawyers and accountants (more checklist items).

Our Project Includes Both Alluvial and Hardrock Gold Mining Operations 


In just over a year, we created a mining company second to none in Latin America. Our environmental impact studies are currently nearing completion. We are approaching the big day of beginning our mining operations. We only lack one last little piece of the puzzle.

We need to raise the last 20% of our required capital for our last two projects so that we can fulfill some pre-drilling commitments with the hardrock gold project that are due before the end of the first quarter of this year. That's it! With this final obligation complete, we can begin the gold recovery phase of our project.

That is why I have created this private page and why I am extending a private invitation to you to participate with us in building one of the best, most environmentally friendly, and most profitable mining operations anywhere.

We are looking for a few last investors who are capable of investing at least $50,000 each. In a few cases, we are able to pair 2 investors together who only have $25,000 available. Please see the video on this page for further details.

If you are sincerely interested in investigating this opportunity and if you have the financial ability, please fill out the brief, confidential data below in order to arrange a phone or Skype appointment with my partner, Richard.

I have also set up a Questions and Answers Forum at the bottom of this page in case you would like to have a few questions answered before deciding to set up a private interview.

I have never been this excited and confident about a gold mining project before in my life. I believe we have set the program up so that it eliminates 95% of the risk that is normally associated with this type of a project.

Thank you for your time and interest,




Potential investors will be contacted in order of "First Come, First Served" by submitting information in the box below. It is necessary to qualify for this opportunity based on your overall net worth in order to insure that you maintain a balanced personal portfolio. Please see the details in the video above.

By submitting the information below, you agree that you are sincerely interested and financially able to participate in this opportunity.  

Be sure to let us know how you would like to be contacted in the box below. We will begin communicating with you first by e-mail. The next steps will be to arrange a personal Skype call or a phone call to the number of your choice. Skype is preferred so that we can screen share charts, graphs, maps, and plans with you live.

Once our investment capital requirement is fully subscribed, if you have not yet been contacted, we will send you a notification that the opportunity has expired. We expect to be fully subscribed no later than the end of February, 2013, perhaps much sooner.

This webpage and its content is provided for general information only and nothing contained in the material constitutes a recommendation for the purchase or sale of any security.

Gold Mining Project of a Lifetime

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