Plans for the Next Adventure

by Wojtek Bobilewicz
(Warsaw, Poland)

Hello everyone.

In reference to what Stan says in his e-mail in which he says "What are you planning to do, explore or discover? I, and we, as your fellow adventurers, would love it if you could please share your thoughts and plans in our Community Forum." I'd like to say a few words on where I'm hoping, dreaming or planning to visit.

First, let me stress that I am by no means interested solely in just one type of world's mysteries (e.g. ancient civilisations and ruins). Anything that has yet been unresearched, undiscovered, unexplained - ignites my imagination and fires within me an urge (unfortunately, so often impeded by very mundane things, such as lack of finances and now also by a surgery I have had leaving my arm temporarily unusable) to go, to discover, to see, to describe.

Very often this creates lack of understanding because - as an example - UFO researchers will pretty often claim that there are no crypids whatsoever and that cryptids are just figments of someone's imagination or else they are well-known animals, misinterpreted. Likewise, cryptozoologists will similarly deride the UFO phenomenon, claiming that there are no UFOs or aliens and whoever claims otherwise must be insane. Thus such researchers firmly believe in the existence of one phenomenon, place or creature, dismissing everything else as unreal. To me, it is weird, to say the least.

Therefore, the trip/adventure/expedition I am dreaming of or planning is not in relation with ancient mysteries this time, but in search of an elusive animal in West/Central Africa, one that has been, however, seen by occasional (not frequent) eyewitnesses, both local and European/American. The name of the animal is Mokele-Mbembe (which in the local Lingala language means "one that stops the flow of water").

There have been joint British-American expeditions to the region, notably northern Congo and southern Cameroon. While no animal has been photographed/filmed, some very strange footprints/tracks have been found that the locals say do not belong to any known animal such as a hippo, an elephant or a rhino. According to descriptions, the animal has a bulbous body akin to the one of elephants or hippos, a long, giraffe-like neck tapering into a snake-like (but large) head, a similarly long, massive tail, and four stump-like legs ending with claws.

When researchers showed the locals some pictures of animals living both in Africa and outside, both living and extinct, they most frequently indicated the apatosaurus or brontosaurus (as recently there is a new theory according to which the two species were, after all, one and the same) thus indicating a possibility that a living dinosaur fossil is still around (although obviously it doesn't have to be this way).

While I realise that my expedition has exactly the same chances of witnessing the Mokele-Mbembe as any other, I have two specific ideas that potentially may increase our chances of seeing one.

Right now I am thinking of ways of finding funding for the Cameroon expedition, and this may not be a small amount because - apart from things such as flights, porters, guides, boat hire etc. we (there may be more than just me) would like - depending on pricing and our ability to carry stuff - to take a thermal camera, photo-traps (more than two or three), a sonar, a drone, etc.

If you have any ideas on how this can be done, please feel free to contact me at:

I had a site with much greater detail (, however this has now (for financial reasons) been taken off one server and not yet installed on another, thus rendering it temporarily unavailable but stay tuned if you're interested, it should be back on within several weeks.

I wonder what you think of it. If you have any ideas, information, contacts, questions etc. - as I said, please feel free to contact me by mail.

Best regards to everyone.

Stan's response: Wow Wojtek! Now that is what I am talking about for a post. That puts my little planned day trip to shame.

I have been reading of Mokele-Mbembe for decades. The evidence for this animal's existence is extremely strong in my opinion. I think you have chosen an excellent adventure Wojtek.

There is only one problem for this type of expedition as you have already pointed out... the $$$ bucks $$$. This project needs a the backing of a millionaire, or 1,000 thousand-aires. I wonder if crowdfunding might work for this. I have seen far less-deserving projects raise more than $100,000 with crowdfunding before. Just a thought.

I would love to hear our community's thoughts on fund raising possibilities for this type of project. If we could all jointly figure out a good solution for this, we could all benefit for our own projects too.

What do you all think everyone?

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Crowdfunding on Another Project
by: William Kilgore

The previous storyline is indeed inviting. I wish them the best.

But on a different note, I plan to soon prove the rich gold deposits missed by the Ol'timers in America's Southeast. Especially in the state of Virginia. These lost and forgotten leads were due to the County's Expansion and the lack of technology.

For the last decade I have been working to prove a substantial gold deposit in the heart of Virginia's Gold Belt. I have had success in identifying where the old workings stopped and measuring the ore values that remain on their course which alone prove economical to mine.

But until this past fall I have been unable to prove the source of this ore. That was recently solved in exploration completed last fall and the source was staring us in the face all along.

I have located the fault where the ore was thrust toward the surface millions of years ago. It's values are nearly unbelievable but they are now proven and in excess of 11 ounces per ton. This average carries for at least 100 feet which is the depth of our drilling from 116 to 219 feet below the Overburden and the shear zone at the bottom of the fault runs some fifty feet in depth and the length is uncharted.

I calculate over 60 million in gold just within the 100 feet. What has yet to be explored may likely prove to be the largest confined gold deposit in the history of this country and its only a two hour drive from our nation's capitol. All that is preventing me from capturing this treasure is 1.3 million dollars that I can repay within six weeks of production.

It's truly amazing and I desperately need an investor's support. Not only will this investor recoup their investment within this short time frame, but I will share all additional profits 50/50. To my knowledge, No other opportunity like this exists.

Stan's response: This sounds like an amazing story and a unique opportunity. Again, this is a great project that requires some cash.

Can any of our Club members help us to generate some creative ideas for sources of funding? Have you had an experience or do you know of someone who has successfully funded small mining or expedition projects? If so, please share the story with us.

Looking for a Millionnaire for Expedition Funding
by: Wojtek Bobilewicz

Hi Stan, many thanks for your comment.

Obviously, any expedition can only take place once my arm fully recovers after the surgery which will take some few weeks if not months. However, I am looking for funds now.

Actually, I have an idea of contacting two billionaires who may be potentially interested, one by the very nature of his "weirdness" and the fact that he himself is a little tiny bit of a "freak", and the other one because there was a time when he established and funded scientific research of things an phenomena normally beyond the scope of interest of the mainstream science.

The thing is that obviously I cannot write them a regular, normal letter or e-mail as this would drown in an ocean of similar requests. This needs to be something which attracts immediate attention, from the form the request is presented in, through the physical medium it is on, to delivery, packaging etc. At the same time it needs to clearly present profits for the donor as well. Right now, thinking of the way I should present and deliver the proposal is the most important thing and the hardest nut to crack, I have some ideas but I feel I really need more.

Obviously, crowdfunding is an option, in 2012 two young Americans managed to collect over 25 thousand USD on Kickstarter (surprisingly enough, just a few days into the expedition it turned out the funds were gone or spent and it is beyond my understanding how that happened) just for that goal, but you need to bear in mind that the more money you ask fore, the larger and more "outlandish" or interesting the props need to be, and that's another rub. After all, I could not promise a hand-made Pigmy spear, how would I carry a dozen or more spears, and how would the locals produce them? So, again, I'm a bit at a loss. :-) But then again, if others did it, so can I... ;-)

Best regards, Wojtek

Stan's response: This topic of project funding is an age-old issue that goes way back for hundreds, or maybe even thousands of years. So many historical explorers faced the same challenge. Christopher Columbus comes to mind. I wonder if a book has already been written about this topic. If not, somebody should write it.

My mind continues to return to the crowdfunding concept, perhaps in some new and creative form. One thing is clear, in order to persuade the financial powers that be (a single investor or a group), a very strong and intriguing promotional package is necessary. Then, that compelling package needs to be exposed and circulated to multiple targeted audiences.

If there is a profit component connected to the project, that makes it much stronger. In the best possible scenario, the project could generate a profit, even if the expedition is unsuccessful.

Just look at the TV program, "Search for Bigfoot". They never find anything, but people keep watching and advertisers keep paying. Why is that?

by: Stan


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