Partner, Newsource

by Charles W. Stone
(Washington, DC)

Part of my work involves financial consulting and investigative journalism. I ran across your information while looking for funders for a very good alluvial precious metals and rare earth metals mine in Arizona. Your websites and University is unique. It brought to mind David Childress of Adventures Unlimited Press. His books on esoteric scientific topic and ancient wonders is great. I know David and several of his friends and authors including Joseph Farrell and the late Jerry Smith. Here is my website for your interest.

The biggest gold and precious gems "heist" in known history occurred during the WW II era with the looting of thirteen countries by Imperial Japan. China is the biggest "lootee"! The ramifications are still important to this day. Just the gold stolen could be as much as five times the known gold supply of the world. The related WW II era atomic cover-up is in the archives section of my website. We sure to view the video by Iona Miller about Tavistock.

Let me know your comments!

Charles W. Stone

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