Paleo Gold in Alberta, Canada...

by Alex Evanochko
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Stan, You are a funny man. I mean that in a good way. When I downloaded the PDF file of Paleo Gold in Alberta from your site, I had a really good chuckle as I have been reading this very same document for the last week! It seems that great minds really do think alike.

However, I do know that Alberta was your old stomping grounds. Did you try any of the Ancient gravel beds around the Villenueve area Northwest of Edmonton, and if so, did you have any success?

There is flour gold in the North Saskatchewan river and there are dozens of guys who try their luck here every year. I always see them dredging on the straightaways and on the outside curves on the river bends where the fast water runs and I just shake my head. They're usually in too deep for me to make comment to them and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't appreciate the comments that I would make because they have the latest and greatest research with them, or so I was told by a crew of young lads who were vigorously shoveling the bank sand from a stretch of the river here. I didn't have the heart to tell them that they would have better luck in the upstream quiet water in front of the sandbars or maybe further up the banks where the water had slowed down. But, experience is the best teacher, next to you, of course.

Thus, I have plotted several areas of Alberta where there are some ancient river channels. I hope to start a tour of them next year as I am still healing from heart surgery. If I should find anything, you and the other University students will be the second to know!

Take care Ladies & Gentlemen and good hunting!!

Stan's response: Great to hear from you Alex! Unfortunately for me, I never prospected for gold in Alberta, only for dinosaur bones. Most of my time was spent in private investigations and such work. Isn't it weird and funny that I had to come to Ecuador to search for Ancient Gold?

I simply can't wait to get your feedback as you go out in the field and apply everything we will be learning here. I am pretty excited to live vicariously through your adventures now.

Thank you very much for keeping us posted on all of your upcoming discoveries. And please, we all wish you a complete and speedy recovery.

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