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Welcome to our revolutionary, FREE e-Course that can help you to adventurously transform your life in only 12 weeks! In this e-Course, you will receive all of the tools you need to make drastic changes in your life.


I remember as if it was yesterday...

I was living alone in a small, 1-bedroom apartment. It was winter and 40 degrees below zero outside. I had no job, no money and was wildly desperate for a solution. I had tried to succeed for years in a number of different businesses and jobs with only a small amount of success.

Miraculously, when I was at a very low point, the information that you will find in Module #1 fell into my hands. I practiced the exercises faithfully for about an hour each day, mostly while soaking in my bathtub.

About 12 weeks later, I was casually introduced to a friend of a friend one day. This meeting eventually led to a gold mining opportunity that became a springboard into much bigger ventures. Things just got better and better from there.

Stan with $250,000 of Freshly Poured Gold Bars

Was this chain of events a mere coincidence? Maybe not. Anyway, in the decades since, I have learned many wonderful things that I am anxious to share with you. I think you’ll see some great ideas and original information that will help to propel you to greater heights.



This e-Course was actually designed by YOU! I have assembled this material as a result of having received literally hundreds of questions and comments spanning many years, including your most recent comments in our Forum below.

The contents of this e-Course directly address the most commonly repeated concerns of how to leave the Rat Race behind and enjoy a new, free, independent and adventurous lifestyle.

I have divided this e-Course into 6 Modules ( see below ). Each Module stands on its own independently. I have organized the Modules in the most logical order so that a person can proceed from ground zero. Although, depending on your level of personal evolution, you may decide to work through the Modules in your own order.

However, I have to be brutally honest with you about Module #1. Please read this very carefully! If you are not first able to adequately master the material in Module #1, your chances for success with the rest of the Course diminish significantly. I have placed this material right up front for a very specific and important reason. I will elaborate further inside Module #1.

To me, the word “LEARNING”, implies a change in behavior. It is not enough to simply fill your head with more information. In order for true learning to take place with this e-Course, you must:

1) Understand the concepts,
2) Do the exercises and apply the information in real-time, and
3) Measure your results and adjust your actions accordingly.

I’ll be here to help you with all 3 steps. I want to see you succeed! I want you to live a free and adventurous life!

I will continue to dynamically evolve this e-Course as I receive YOUR feedback about what else you need. Please leave your questions, comments and wish list items in our Forum on this page (down below). Please continue to participate in our Forum if you would like to get the most possible benefit from this e-Course.

Lastly, I have provided the option for purchasing more advanced information within each Module. If you feel the desire to go much deeper into any of these areas, and to do it fast, you will find a complete description of the optional material and an accompanying PayPal button to go with it. I have kept the prices extremely low. Your investment simply helps to offset my own expenses in acquiring the advanced information to share with you.

Keep your eye out for a very valuable download bonus in Module #1!

Here is a complete list of all 6 Course Modules below. The links will go live, one at a time, as each new Module is completed and posted. A new Module should be posted every 4 - 5 days or so.

Course Contents:

1) Unleash Your Magnetic (Charismatic) Mental Powers

  • Your newly heightened personal magnetism changes EVERY aspect of your life
  • Apply revolutionary Paradigm shifting lessons that will explode your success in business and in life
  • Become an “opportunity magnet” and attract only the people who will help you to succeed
  • Adopt a simple and specific Mind Programming exercise that will literally turn you into a Human Magnetic Power Plant
  • Integrate the 6 characteristics that every human being is unconsciously searching for in a sexual or romantic partner. These have nothing to do with money or appearance
  • Literally create new brain cell pathways. This practice leaves the realm of the mental behind and actually enters into the realm of the physical
  • And Much, Much More!

2) Master Your Monthly Budget

  • Easily conquer the onslaught of monthly bills
  • Lower monthly living expenses and apply the savings to debt and investment
  • Achieve your dream of early retirement
  • Learn to painlessly end the vicious cycle of “shop and spend”
  • Easily save for major purchases and investments
  • Achieve any worthwhile financial goal you choose
  • And Much, Much More!

3) Transform Your Body

  • Totally transform your body and energy level in only 12 weeks
  • Spend only 30 minutes per day – total
  • Gain confidence and get respect from all of those with whom you come into contact
  • Get healthy, energetic, trim and fit for your next adventure
  • Learn a comfortable new way of eating that automatically forces your body to shed unwanted fat while keeping you feeling full and content
  • Learn a revolutionary exercise plan that gives you the very greatest results for the least possible effort
  • And Much, Much More!

4) Create Multiple Streams of “Auto-Pilot” Cash Flow

  • Start from scratch with no knowledge of business or the internet
  • Spend only 30 minutes per day – total
  • Earn your very first dollar of internet income in 30 days
  • Repeat the process to earn $500 in your 2nd 30 days
  • Repeat the process to earn $2,000 in your 3rd 30 days. Continue this process whenever you like. You are free and independent from here on in!
  • Select from more than 20 different successful, "Auto-Pilot" business models how many systems you wish to plug in
  • The "auto-pilot" income potential is unlimited
  • And Much, Much More!

5) Enjoy Unlimited Overseas Adventure Travel

  • Employees from major airline companies receive loads of deep discounts and special benefits whenever they travel. Learn the secret strategy you can now use to have access to the exact same discounts and benefits that were once only available to the airline employees
  • Get the airlines to give you free coupons for free food, cab fares, hotels, and more
  • Stay for FREE at places around the world in any country and in any city during your travels. You probably think these places would be old or run-down, right? You’d be totally wrong! These places are beautiful, even better than most hotels. Don’t forget, they’re FREE
  • Instantly access the cheapest hotel deals from hundreds of major reservation companies
  • Learn a great secret technique about how to get days of free car rental
  • Use an amazing secret to enjoy cruises for free
  • Learn to speak all the necessary elements of a foreign language in 30 days! Special Spanish guide book included
  • And Much, Much More!

6) Graduate to a Whole New Level of Adventuring Through Life

  • Practice little-known techniques of the Masters to achieve peaceful bliss as you travel around the world in luxury
  • Gain access to secret sites where entrance is limited to only specially invited guests
  • Participate in sacred ceremonies where you'll see things that are unexplainable
  • And Much, Much More!


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