Origins of Machu Picchu

by Douglas
(Covington, WA. USA)

My wife is from South America, Colombia, to be specific. While growing up, Sher read from a source she no longer recalls that there was evidence the Inca were not the builders of Machu Picchu and in fact had nothing to do with it.

There were several arguments offered in support of this but the one that stands out to her went something along these lines. The Spaniards had many Incas on their payroll, so to speak, ratting out other Incas so the Spaniards could get their gold.

Many of the cities would likely not have been discovered and pillaged by the Spaniards without that inside help. But while they led the Spaniards to practically every other city of note, no Inca natives ever alerted them to the existence of Machu Picchu. This led to the conclusion the Inca were unaware of its existence.

Have you ever heard this theory before and do you know of any other supporting evidence?

Stan's response: I have not heard this exact theory before. Thank for sharing it with us. It is very interesting and saving for future reference.

I strongly feel the Machu Picchu was originated by a much older and more advanced culture than the Incas. Whenever I see gigantic, megalithic constructions in South America, I immediately think of Viracocha.

I was under the impression that the Incas inhabited Machu Picchu after the fact, and that they did some building on top of the original structures. I have seen that in other sites around Peru.

Can anyone else shed some light on this subject please?

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Apr 20, 2012
Machu Picchu Constructed Before the Incas
by: Martin

I totally believe that Machu Picchu was built before the Incas. There are many reasons to believe it and I hope technology will prove it soon. There are many places on the earth that are mistakenly dated.

Best, Martin

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