Old River Channel in a Road Cut

by Jack

Hey Stan,

I made several trips driving between Tena and Yantzaza,and I recall seeing layers of worn rounded river rock of varying size along side the road in the cut bank. I always intended to stop and sample it, but was always in a hurry and never did. Do you recall seeing such a place on your way through there? Seems like it was near "Bosco" something or other? It was way up high above the river valley. A long shot, but thought I would ask.

Stan's response: Good Eye Jack! What you saw was part of the Mera Formation, an incredibly huge ancient river (larger than the Amazon River). That is where I have been working for several years with Farpoint Mining. That is also the same formation I worked on with Hampton Court Resources about 15 years ago.

In fact, a big chunk of my life has been spent on the Mera Formation here in Ecuador. Someday I hope to go into much more detail about the coarse gold I have seen come out of this extensive area. I am talking many tons of gold nuggets over the years without any exaggeration at all. I truly believe this deposit exceeds the richness and size of California's Mother Lode.

Moreover, we have only scratched the surface of exploring this thing. Likely, it will never ever get to be even 5% explored in centuries to come!

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