Coaching & Consulting Services

Coaching & Consulting Services

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Coaching & Consulting Services

I offer Coaching & Consulting services 
in the following areas:

  • Personal Coaching for Goal Achievement
  • Gold Mine Development & Management
  • Treasure Discovery & Recovery
  • Exploration & Expeditions
  • Customized Small Group Adventure Tours (1-3 people)
  • Auto-Pilot Business Creation via the Internet
  • Moving to Ecuador or Latin America?
  • Export Business Set Up in Ecuador
  • Country Living Real Estate Acquisition & Development in Ecuador

please see a much more detailed breakdown

of the list further down on this page

Let’s Work Together...

If you would like to become a more successful and Wealthy Adventurer, I think I can help you. Here is how we could proceed:

Send me an e-mail and let me know what you would like to do. Here are some examples of the things my clients regularly request of me...

Please help me to:

  • achieve a big goal I have had for a long time,
  • move to a new country and start leading a new, adventurous life,
  • start earning some decent part-time money so I can quit my current job,
  • identify a new, adventurous and lucrative business path to work in full-time,
  • learn how to find enough gold and treasure so I can quit my job,
  • get set up with an independent, country living homestead,
  • raise funds for an expedition I want to conduct,
  • and the list goes on even more...


After you send me an e-mail explaining what you would like to accomplish, let’s set up a free, 15-minute session to chat on Skype.


During our chat, I’ll want to learn more about you and your background. After our chat, I’ll e-mail you a free, customized .pdf Workbook with your specific main goal on the front page. I’ll break it down and include some recommended "next steps" for you to take.


Meanwhile, subscribe to our free newsletter, "The Wealthy Adventurer" (see the sidebar to the right) so that you can download a free copy of our Wealthy Adventurer’s Workbook.

The Wealthy Adventurer

So far, no obligation whatsoever...


If you should then decide that I really can help you to quickly achieve major results with your objectives, we can discuss a fee schedule and set up regular chat sessions.

In addition, we will be sharing tools such as Google Calendar and Trello to help manage our projects. We will also be working a lot with "Micro-Habit" development. It is actually a lot of fun as you watch amazing things happen in your life quite quickly!


WARNING: There will be lots of homework!


What is your next step?...


Send me that e-mail!

Below is a more detailed list of my consulting specialties:

1. Gold Mining

  • research,
  • company set up,
  • specific, proven locations,
  • alluvial & hardrock (veins & disseminated),
  • prospecting & mining,

Gold Mining

Treasure Search and  Recovery

2. Treasure Search & Recovery

  • land or ocean based,
  • research,
  • legalities & ethics,
  • Pre-Inca / Inca Period,
  • Colonial Spanish Period,

3. Exploration & Expeditions

  • research,
  • maps & planning,
  • equipment needs & acquisition,
  • guide services,
Exploration & Expeditions

Customized Small Group Adventure Tours (1-3 people)

4. Customized Small Group Adventure Tours (1-3 people)

  • jungle, mountains, coast or Galapagos Islands,
  • rustic or luxury,
  • physically demanding or relaxed,
  • all types of adventures,
  • for pleasure &/or profit,
  • anywhere in Latin America,
  • you create the group - I do the rest,

5. Auto-Pilot Business Development Systems – all phases

  • low start-up costs,
  • product creation / acquisition,
  • blog / web site creation & design,
  • sales letters,
  • traffic promotion – seo & ppc/ppv,
  • affiliate marketing,
Auto-Pilot Business Development Systems

Personal Coaching

6. Personal Coaching

  • goal achieving,
  • personal productivity,
  • time & project management,
  • habits & procrastination control,
  • para-liminal meditation,

7. Moving to Ecuador
or Latin America?

  • feasibility,
  • costs,
  • immigration
  • legalities,
  • logistics,
Moving to Ecuador 
or Latin America?

Export Business 
Set-Up in Ecuador

8. Export Business
Set-Up in Ecuador 

  • introduction to merchants,
  • feasibility & product strategic planning,
  • purchasing,
  • packaging,
  • sales & marketing strategies,
  • typical cash flow & profit analysis,
  • legal,
  • shipping,

9. Country Living Real Estate Acquisition & Development

  • strategic location selection for your price & requirements,
  • target purpose is for independent living,
  • home constructions of natural materials,
  • energy source strategies – hydro, solar, wind & more,
  • security planning & device installation,
  • independent food & water strategies,

Real Estate Acquisition & Development