Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada Being the Site of Templer Treasure

by Jeff Wark
(Escondido,CA. USA)

I believe that Oak Island is the repository of the Templar Treasure taken out of Scotland during the 15th. Century. The Money Pit was designed by Leonardo da Vinci or others contemporary to him at his time. The Templars were hounded by the Catholic Church and were forced out of France, and then Scotland. Their repository in Scotland was Rosylin Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. Today nothing is left there in it's hidden tunnels.

I'd like to hear any other insights on this subject. The Money pit was ingeniously planned and even modern technology can't get to the treasure. Maybe someone will soon figure out how to get to the treasure. It will take money and time as well as a good plan of attack on the problem of the sea water entering the main shaft.

Jeff Wark

Stan's response: Wow Jeff, are you and I ever on the same wave length about this treasure and its origins. I was curious to see if anyone would mention the Knights Templar. I totally agree with you.

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Aug 17, 2010
by: Rob Boomer

Interesting side note on Oak Island... Clive Cussler's new book, 'The Silent Sea' has in part a story of a 15th century Chinese Admiral doing something similiar to the Templars' money pit in Washington State

Aug 15, 2010
Agree about the Templars
by: Rob Boomer

I've always been convinced also that it was the Knights Templar. Sinclair obviously had been to the New World before Columbus, i.e. the corn and aloe carvings at Rosylin...the ridiculous theory that it was Captain Kidd's treasure never made sense for several reasons. First, no pirate on the run could have taken the necessary time to excavate the pit, even if they had the engineering skills. Second, from my research, Kidd was not a very successful pirate to begin with and the only substantial prize he captured he gave to the governor of New York in a failed attempt to bribe his way to freedom.

Stan's response: Ditto to that Rob. I certainly agree!

Jun 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

If the Money Pit is being constantly flooded when trying to get to a certain depth, then why not simply lower some divers there so that they can work even in/under water?

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