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The Wealthy Adventurer's University

Welcome to the Wealthy Adventurer's University! Please allow me to ask you a few questions before we get started:

  • Would you love to live your life with more adventure and passion?
  • Would you like to leave the rat race behind?
  • Would you like to enjoy a more free and independent lifestyle?
  • Would you just like to spend more time in the great outdoors?
  • Or, would you like to become a full-time, professional adventurer?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you have come to the right place. The Wealthy Adventurer's University is dedicated to helping you achieve a lifestyle of adventure and freedom. Below, you will see a listing of all of our classes. Please feel free to roam around and begin learning that which is of most interest to you.

The Wealthy Adventurer's Guide to the Good Life - 7 Modules

1. The Magnetic and Charismatic Adventurer

2. The Adventurer Who is in Financial Control

3. The Physically Fit Adventurer

4. Adventurous Auto-Pilot Income Strategies

5. Adventure Careers

6. Adventuring Around the World - Cheap & Free

7. Adventuring to Other Dimensions

The Adventurous Gold Prospector and Miner

The Adventurous Treasure Hunter

The Adventurous & Free-Wheeling World Traveler

The Physically Fit Adventurer

The Mentally Fit Adventurer

The Investigative-Minded Adventurer

The Financially Free and Independent Adventurer

I truly hope you enjoy the time spent studying with us here. More importantly, I hope you gain the inspiration and necessary tools to create and live the free and adventurous lifestyle that you desire.

Welcome to Module #1

Personal Magnetism Audio - free version

Personal Magnetism Video

Win Friends Easily Video

Before we begin this first Module, I need to share an important discussion with you about something. In order for us to experience a significant change in our lives during this e-Course, we need to realize that 95% of the reason we have any blockers in our lives, is due to our faulty subconscious programming.

I could teach you (and I will teach you), dozens of fun and unique methods and techniques for creating multiple streams of passive income. What I share with you in this e-Course CAN literally make you rich in less than a year. However, it is important for you to realize that this e-Course will not MAKE you rich. Only YOU can make you rich. But, how can YOU make yourself rich?

We have a much greater chance of making ourselves rich if we will reprogram the subconscious false beliefs and restrictions that we have been living with. I have not only seen this with many dozens of my clients and customers, I have had to face it head-on in my own life. I work on my reprogramming issues every day. I have come a long way and I still have a long way to go.

I Practice "Sun Gazing" at Sunrise as One Form of Meditation

I remember, it was not until I felt so much pain in my life that I was literally forced to wake up and discover that there were no external sources to blame. I finally figured out that it was I who was to blame. I figured out that I had to make internal changes before I could expect to see external changes.

After I woke up a bit, I could no longer blame economic conditions, failing personal relationships, bad neighbors, a misbehaving dog, a stupid boss, or anything else for my misfortunes. Guess where I found the cause of all my unhappiness?

To continue to be perfectly honest with you, I have one more point to share with you. Your life will not change, you will not make more money, you will not permanently lose any significant weight, and your romantic relationship(s) will not improve until you do your internal housekeeping.

Take a moment to look around you at everything that you are, live and have. Guess what?! This is exactly what you actually wanted up until now... subconsciously! You have these conditions and things in your life because that is exactly where you are... subconsciously. Do you desperately want a change or an improvement in your life? Do you really?

When your overwhelming desire to finally do whatever it takes to change internally, is greater than your ability to tolerate your current conditions, that is when you may finally take the actions suggested in this first Module and that is when you will see wonderful changes occur, as if automatically, all around you in your life.

No matter how good things are in your life, I hope this e-Course motivates you to move to an even higher level. However, it is more likely that it is the truly fed-up individual who will be the one who is ready to take the massive action we’re looking for.


If you disagree with me about all of this reprogramming stuff and think that it is a load of trash, that's fine. Simply move on to Module 2 and have fun with the rest of the Modules.

Another Form of Meditation

If you are interested in knowing more, let’s get this party started...

Module 1 is primarily based on a special text that was written around 1913. It was entitled The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism. The author was a serious student of the “New Thought” movement of the time. The origin of these teachings goes back many thousands of years.

These same basic teachings are found over and over again in Secret Societies dating back to the times of Sumeria with writings in cuniform text on clay tablets, down through the Secret Society of Pythagoras, and down through the Secret Society of da Vinci, and so on. These teachings are timeless.

That said, it is not the age or the repetition of the teachings that interests me so much. It is the RESULTS!!! I have gotten great, tangible results by working with this information and so have many others I know. I hope you do too.

You may have see the hit movie, The Secret. The movie was based almost exactly on this same information. However, I consider the information you are about to receive to be more powerful and more directly from the Source.

Below, you will find the download link for a FREE .pdf version of this text.

Your SPECIAL BONUS for this Module is that not only do you possess a copy of this text for yourself, you also have Free Rights of Distribution, or in other words, Resale Rights. The text is in the Public Domain and you can give it away as a gift or bonus, or you may sell it for any price you wish.

When we get to Module 4, you will learn how to make money with documents like this.

Below the download link, you will find a SPECIAL OFFER to purchase an "entire collection" of 24 of these same "New Thought" types of texts written around the same period by similar thinking authors.

These 24 e-books contain 1,742 pages of enlightening and inspiring teachings. More importantly, all of these teachings give you more exercises to work on which will have a huge cumulative effect on your life and on the lives of the people you sell or give these texts to.

All of the texts are in the Public Domain and you can do whatever you please with them. The total cost of these 24 texts is ONLY $17.42 . You could probably sell them over and over again for $8 - $15 each!

Here is the FREE download link for: The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism



24 "New Thought" e-Books - 1,742 pages - $17.42

Here is a partial list of the benefits you can expect to enjoy from these 24 e-books...

  • Quickly learn to achieve anything you desire, almost overnight

  • Know the unknown cause of poor focus and then instantly overcome it

  • Have an in-depth look into your mind; learn to master your will and how to control your thoughts

  • Learn what thought waves are, how they work, and how they reproduce themselves

  • Discover how heightened personal magnetism changes EVERY aspect of your life

  • Learn the key characteristics magnetic people possess

  • Understand how your self-talk can totally block the fulfillment of your dreams

  • Learn the main secret that magnetic people possess

  • Apply revolutionary Paradigm shifting lessons that will explode your success in business and in life

  • Discover how to heighten your courage and boost your growth force, making you completely resistant to negative thoughts and negative people

  • How you will instantly become magnetic through modeling

  • Learn the techniques to attracting wealth that you just can’t live without

  • Discover the psychological weak spots in almost everyone and how you can use them to your advantage to attract the right people and influence them however you like

  • Learn how to handle occasional rejections and how and use them as learning experiences

  • Make potential customers and clients crave your product or service and relate it to their deep, emotional needs. You will apply this technique in sales letters, online, or when face to face in person

  • Know the “real definition” of Personal Magnetism

  • Get twice as much done in half the time

  • Make yourself impervious to negative thinking and the attraction of negative situations

  • Use an easy 2-word mental command that will instantly reverse an apparent failure into a powerful success story

  • Become an “opportunity magnet” and attract only the people who will help you to succeed

  • Use enthusiasm to bring you what you wish

  • Apply the 5 secrets of quickly breaking bad habits and replacing them with success habits

  • Know what “Life Force” is and apply this ancient, mystical power to create the life of your dreams

  • Learn 2 Mind Control techniques that will allow you to influence anyone without even speaking a word. For thousands of years this was a secret taught only to initiates of esoteric schools

  • Get how to harness the absolute greatest power in the world. This is the single power responsible for most human achievement. Now it is yours to control.

  • Have a network of people within your reach who are willing to help you accomplish any project you decide to launch

  • Adopt a simple and specific Mind Programming exercise that will literally turn you into a Human Magnetic Power Plant

  • Discover the little-known, unconscious attraction methods to use with the opposite sex. Forget having to come up with impotent pick up lines

  • Integrate the 6 characteristics that every human being is unconsciously searching for in a sexual or romantic partner. These having nothing to do with money or appearance

  • Discover the horrible truth about FEAR and how to immediately banish it from your mind. If you don’t do this, you will suffer regularly. You’re probably not doing it now

  • Literally create new brain cell pathways. This practice leaves the realm of the mental behind and actually enters into the realm of the physical

  • Regularly use little-known, proven affirmation exercises that transform your confidence and self-image

  • Discover the secret of how to make people see you in a whole new, exciting way, no matter how shy you may have been up to now

  • Learn how to strike an instant bond with anyone through mirroring them in a certain way

  • Discover the 3 major causes of poor concentration and how to effortlessly defeat them

  • Learn how to boost the hidden powers of your personality by using only 1 special tool that gives you immediate magnetism and attractiveness

  • Learn the very best phrases to use when meeting someone for the first time

  • Tap into and control the 2 human natures that can make or break your future

  • Practice 19 easy exercises that allow you to control your mind with monk-like efficiency while quickly achieving dramatic results in your life

  • See why physical appearance and money have nothing to do with being a human magnet

  • Create a strong rapport with absolutely anyone you want and make them feel like they have known you forever

  • Discover the one magic phrase that will permanently release your fear of approaching other people and asking for what you want

  • Learn why knowledge is not the most important thing to have in life. Learn what is the most important thing for you to have, and then learn how to use it to get what you want now. This is an ancient secret

  • This list is very incomplete. The complete list of benefits is actually much larger than this...


24 e-Books - 1,742 pages - $17.42


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