Next Module?

by Gary Lindsay
(Dalton Gardens, Idaho, USA)

Hey Stan, I hope that you are well and doing good. Module 1 is a great module. I was curious as to when the next Module will be released. I am very Grateful that you are doing this e-course for all of us, and I realize that many factors can affect the release dates,

But, If I am not being Out of Line, I am Curious. And I also want to Thank You Again for doing this! It is Greatly Appreciated! I am signed up for the Challenge and I think that it will prove very useful. Thanks Gary Lindsay

Stan's response: Gary, for right now, we want everyone to focus as much as possible on "The Challenge". This should help so many of our readers to begin to completely change their financial lives.

I should have the next module all ready to go within the next 1-2 weeks. Thanks for your great encouragement!

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