My name is Zantonsus and I'm an Adventurer in Ecuador

by Stephen Page
(Gualaquiza, Ecuador)



Often need local help!
My land on the Zamorra River
The fate I need to avoid

I'd been a fan of Stan's for a long time. As a slave wage earner in the UK, I would often fantasize about getting to a place that had the good stuff and being able to spend all day everyday having fun and still living a decent life.

Then my baby arrived and it became even more important to:

a)get out of the UK,
b) create a life I did not need to vacation from,
c)create a life of adventure I could enjoy with my children.

I followed the guides and started creating an online residual income. Sure, I got a little lucky with some of them along the way, but within a few years I had a stable income that would continue ad infinitum and also created lifestyle jobs for many of my friends back in the UK. This allows me to put 100% into my passion, which I believe, if you are reading this, is your passion too!

Skip forward a year or so and I'm now in a position where my young family is settled in Ecuador. We have land with friends that we have made into a protected fruit forest area of conservation and its time to play!

Main reason for this post is to say Hi and also to connect with other like minded people. Stan is a legend and has become a great friend too. I love everything adventurish and am keen to get involved wherever and whenever I can.

I'm mobile, young and full of passion for unearthing treasures. My motives are not profit first though. I tend to always be trying to find a social venture angle and make life great for the local/natives too.

That does not mean I'm anti-profit, :D, just not top priority. Fun, adventure and lifestyle are my top priorities. I love being able to spend all day with my kids at "work" and as I'm sure you are all aware, the buzz you get from this kinda life is immense!!

As well as all the usual adventure type qualities, I also bring some specialist skills to the table. I'm heavy into top-end tech and bending it to be able to assist in treasure location.

I have a lot of recording equipment as well and can document and edit videos to a high quality. I have a YouTube channel that is still growing but already has a lot of relevant footage.

Right now I'm loving drone photography and its uses in finding locations. I have no real-time constraints. I'm available all the time and this is my life :D I've sourced all the top treasure hunting equipment and got it here to Ecuador and am ready to play basically.

Stan's passion and ideas are contagious. I'm looking forward to being a part of something special within this community. I love Ecuador especially and this is now home.

***stops writing and starts clapping excitedly like a penguin***

Stan's response: First off, thanks for the kind words Stephen.

Stephen is a wild man with a wild 4X4. He is cut out of the perfect mold to be an adventurer here in Ecuador and surrounding parts. If anyone is up for a good adventure around here, Stephen would be the perfect guy to do something with.

We're planning some great expeditions a little later in the year after I get this web site properly overhauled and fulfilling its purpose better.

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I have made it to Manta and would love to find a way to meet up and see if we can go exploring together.

Contact with Stephen
by: Ruth Overend

Keen to get in touch with Stephen Page regarding the second series of a UK documentary series ('Escape to the Wild,' for Channel 4). It's about British families who've quit the rat race and moved overseas for a more sustainable way of life, off-the-grid and closer to nature. for anyone interested in discussing further. Many thanks.

by: Andy

Thanks Stan, I will of course stick around. I've been following your adventures for a decade, and although life has thrown me some curve balls in that time, I'm still striving for the adventure life.

I'm stuck on getting a residual income started; released a book with more in the works, but pretty sure I've done it all wrong; written entertainment rather than information.

Stan's response: Thanks Andy. A lot of our emphasis this coming year will be all about residual income development and portable businesses that can be run from anywhere in the world, especially with an internet connection.

Inspiring, thanks.
by: Andy

I'm from the UK too, and haven't managed to escape yet. Adventuring is my life dream, and I will make it happen one day, but in the meantime it's great to hear about someone who has managed it.

Stan's response: Yes, Stephen is a great example of desire, drive and persistence. It is a pleasure for me to be around him periodically and to know his story first-hand.

Please continue to stick around because we plan to give lots of ideas and support to our Club members who really want to break free of the system. It is totally possible to do!

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