My Life in Ecuador

by Jack

I moved here to Ecuador 2 1/2 years ago and I have not regretted it for a single second. Ecuador is even better than I had hoped it would be.

My Lady friend joined me a little over a year ago and she agrees, Ecuador is wonderful. The people are friendly and patient with our attempts at speaking Spanish. The entire country is beautiful, and we have seen much of it, but we love the beach lifestyle, and so choose to live in a small fishing village on the central coast.

The weather is nearly perfect, the beaches almost always empty of people, and the water is clean and warm. There have many days when we and our dogs had the entire beach to ourselves.

The cost of living is lower than most people would believe. We have paid as little as $200 a month for a 4 bedroom home. Fresh fruit and vegetables are so cheap, and always available. We even have a young man who comes by the house every week with his small truck full of our favorite fruits and vegetables.

We buy custom cut beef steak, and the beef is free range and nearly organically raised. Chicken is free range as well, and the average hen is huge compared to those in the U.S. We can buy ultra pasteurized milk, or raw, fresh milk. We eat very, very well.

Before leaving the U.S., I had been diagnosed with very high blood pressure and advised to start taking medication immediately, which I declined to do. I recently had a complete physical, and was told I am very healthy in every respect. I have not had so much as a cold since moving here.

Stan played a large role in my decision to move here, and we have become good friends. He knows so much about every aspect of living in Ecuador, and is always willing to share his knowledge.
I will be happy to share what knowledge I have gained since moving here through this forum.

Stan's response: Can you please remind me Jack how much I owe you for this post?

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