My First Taste of the Yellow Metal!

by Lost Adams
(Dallesport, WA USA)

In 1973 I got a copy of Ruby El Hult's Book "Lost Mines and Treasures of the Pacific Northwest" from Powell's Technical Bookstore in Portland.

I then started on a "life long trip" in hunting lost mines and treasures. I read about the Lost Spaniard's Mine East of Mount Saint Helens and west of Mt. Adams on the Upper reaches of the Lewis River.

I was just fresh out of the Army and Vietnam. I needed to have peace and solitude. This kept me out of prison and others out of the hospital due to my severe combat PTSD.

After learning that I needed to read maps and other cartographic pursuits to find my way in the mountains, and needed to understand about rocks, minerals and geology, I decided to take some preliminary courses. I studied geology, chemistry and other prerequisites to mining engineering at Mt. Hood Community Collage in Gresham, Oregon.

I made a handmade 2.5" dredge in 1976 and took out 1 1/8 ounces of coarse gold and quartz nuggets on McCoy Creek. I found I needed to get air to breathe in order to get to the bottom of the crevices.

I went back to framing houses to buy a new Keene 5" dredge with air. I got back on the creek on May 5th 1978. I had a friend drop me off on the side of the road about a 1/2 mile downstream from Camp Creek.

The next morning I woke up to 4" of wet snow on me and the tarp. I built a 500-ft. trail down over the mountainside and then froze in the water for the next 2 weeks.

In 1980, I went to the Middle Fork of the Yuba River at Foot's Crossing, on the way to Allegheny. I dredged there all summer and then spent the winter of 80-81 in a 7' x 7' x 7' old cabin across from the mouth of Kanaka Creek. I wanted to see the river at full flood in the Spring so I could "read the river".

I lived on the gold I could pan and sluice that winter, approx. $30-60 a month. I got $74 in food stamps because I had a placer claim in Nevada County. That's a story all by itself.

I had my previous summer mining partner's friend stick a pistol in my face to intimidate me and convince me to plant weed on my claims. I bit the end of the barrel and told him to pull the damn trigger or let go of it. I then told Jerry to take him off the river before I fit him for a set of rock ankle bracelets.

I went to Peru in the Spring of 1981 to locate and mine placer claims for two investors.
I went back in 82 after selling my mining claims on the Yuba River. It is a long story for both.

I placer mined in North Eastern Washington in the 90's. I have one HOT SPOT up there that needs to be taken out, possible pounds of placer Au.

In 2000 to the present time I have been studying Pocket Gold Geology and Hunting Pockets.
This is where I came on the Briggs Pocket Mine and wanted to see the geology that MADE the Pocket. I found it in 2012 and took out $12,000 in specie in 2014.

Bill "Lost Adams"

Stan's response: Incredible Bill. I need to sit down and take a rest after reading your story. Your persistence and focus is amazing. Your energy level is astounding. These are all such necessary characteristics to be successful. Your story is an inspiration to us all!

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