My Ancient River of Gold Purchase

by Jerry
(Eastern WA, USA)

Stan, Still have the book by Raymond J Wallace and the rest of the purchase, however when I downloaded the maps and saved them, they shrunk or at least they don't print out well. I have been to the web site to download again but the site is "Under Construction".

Here in WA State, their Geological web sites are helpful using info from your course. Anyway, how do I download again and save the maps properly?

PS Like your new site, well done...

Stan's response: Hi Jerry. Thanks for the kind words.

I am currently in the process of remodeling the websites and also upgrading all of my courses. As soon as I re-release the Ancient Deposits, Modern Wealth package, you will have access to those large scale maps again. I am projecting March or April as the "ready" date.

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