My Adventurous Lifestyle

by Mark Enneper

I got a kick out of your request. I spent 25 years building a company and planned on living on the proceeds, which was notes for approx $10 million, and income from the firm $250k/yr, as I scaled back out of the company, letting the new young guy take over where I left off.

Before I cry about what happened, its not that bad. I played semi pro football til I was 40. We won 3 national championships, and I was MVP of one of the National championships, along with many team and league mvp awards. It was a blast, and I did it while working. I also bought into Spiridon Bear Camp, and we guided clients on Kodiak Island for the Big Brownies for many years. Again, all while I was running the firm and playing ball. When I sold, I got involved in a placer mining operation in Arizona, and found it interesting beyond belief. I think you will find most people trading futures are also looking for adventure and wanting to find that spice of life that you always read about, but few ever experience. I think i sent you the Ariticle from Petersen's Hunting Magazine, back when I guided the editor of the magazine for a Brownie, and as luck would have it, we got a big bear and had the hunt of a lifetime............ just pure dumb luck, but we were in the right place at the right time, to get the scoop of a lifetime.

I bring this all up, as I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, hunt the big five, and get em all, along with meeting some of the worlds movers and shakers. In the end, there is one thing that helps one accomplish these goals and it is hard work, a bit of luck and perseverence. By having a plan to buy a company when I was 20 and grow it to $15mil in revenue from $67k, when i bought it, I was able to cash flow the purchase of the company, and after it paid itself off, I was able to cash flow these other ventures. The success of the first business led to free time to plan and put other ventures together. The most important factor was vision and planning, and following thru on the plan. It took years to accomplish the cash flow that the business was able to eventually generate, and that was accomplished with a long term plan, and ball busting work.

The reason I stress the work end, is because I know so many people who are lured to futures as a way to make "easy money" and those two words dont go together very well, except when you spell disaster........ Football taught me two things. One, pursue your dreams, and they will happen, but more importantly, TWO, bust your butt, and work harder and longer than your competition, and you will accomplish #1. So, here I am, not even 50 and I have done it all. Heck, I have done it all twice, and now, looking back, the answer to the question, what is an adventurous lifestyle, I think is to be able to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. The biggest obstacle to young couples is obligations to mate and offspring. My wife has always allowed me to pursue some of my selfish dreams, and I never would have accomplished anything without her help and backing. I had it all, and decided to cash in on the business, so I could pursue some of the other adventure items on my list, but I did not think it thru hard enough. It was my first business I ever sold, and I did a piss poor job of making sure the person I was getting into bed with was a real person. He was not, and in pursuing the dream, I signed away my obigations..................and all I had earned and worked so hard for. Here I thought I would protect myself from the coming depression which I am sure is still on the way, but I sold out to a crook and now at 48 1/2 I am starting over from scratch.

Thank God I have traded the markets as a hobby for 20 years, and have something to fall back on, as I dont know if I have the time or the energy to build a manufacturing company block by block again. It was rewarding, but draining. I just caution all who look at futures as a quick road to riches, as we all know, there is no such thing. I have put together a decent trading system over the years, but have always been missing a confirmation. I like my system, but needed a filter. a few years back, I found a system that would work sporadically and was close to what i was looking for, but in your trading platform, I have finally found a filter for my system that gives me a feeling I never have had...........ever. nothing is perfect, but the confidence I now trade with is amazing. I am a shorter term trader, and by using your planetary moving averages, I can enter and leave a trade and have a near 90% certainty I will come up with a winning trade. I have to pass up on trades I would normally take. I would venture to say that I know take less that 50% of the trades I used to take, but I am simply applying the filter and between your system and mine, I have found what I have been hunting for....................for real.

So, to answer all your questions, make sure you enjoy what you are doing. If you dont enjoy what you will be spending 50% of your waking hours doing, you are going to feel unsatisfied. If you enjoy what you are doing, then, have a plan that helps you achieve all the adventure items you feel you want to partake in. I wanted to hunt bear for a living, and I did. I had a plan, wrote letters, found a guy selling, and spent a couple of years getting to know him before jumping on board. It worked. I should have used the same strategy in exiting my business (mfg) but I was too darned sure it was a slam dunk that I didnt get to know the guy, and made way too many assumptions. Now, I am out of the business, as planned, but have nothing to show for all my hard work. I only took about 10% down and watched the crook liquidate the business right in front of my eyes. he did all the spending I dreamed of, but in a criminal fashion. I wish I would have had such big balls and just spent the millions like he did and enjoyed it............. but i would'nt have been able to live with myself. I am now lititagiting with the bank that did the deal, but its a 50/50 chance of maybe getting something back. In the meantime, I have to rebuild my equity one month at a time, while paying for bills like homes and things I never would have hung onto if I knew I would be in this position. I just cant make a mistake.

But Stan, I have hope, and I ran into your system at the right time in my life, to have a chance. I thank God every day for waking up alive, and knowing right from wrong, and hoping we can change the world for the better. That my friend is an adventerous lifestyle............. and thanks to you, and your research, I am making it work.


Mark Enneper

Stan's response: What an amazing story Mark! You really need to turn this into a book. I wish the very best for you as you get this situation resolved. It is a pleasure to know you and I feel honored that my trading system can help with your trading.

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