by Paul M.
(Skhirat, Morocco)

Digging a Great Signal

Digging a Great Signal

I'm an English, 33 year-old male married to a Moroccan with 2 kids. I bought a White's DFX in the UK. I love exploring everywhere and love everything I find, rubbish or gold.

I had the chance to go back to Morocco to work. I transcribe seismic data tapes, and 8 years later, the Moroccan government wants them recopied again.

So, I jumped at the chance, knowing of the treasures that must be here. I had read that the Romans had their greatest treasures here!

My work is pretty busy and I'm now the boss, so I concentrated on work and went to the beach at w/e to detect.

I haven't time or someone to help research, which is frustrating. I have met with important people who detect already. They have two OKM machines but that fell through. I think they find the stuff themselves. It doesn't help that I don't speak Moroccan or French. I can get on ANY site pretty much and I have some very interesting places to go if I have time and better equipment.

I have learned so much about types of detectors now. I thought my DFX was good until I tried it in mineralized earth. I started reading about pulse induction and the Lorenz, then about OKM.

If you see on the OKM website, the 16 kg. of gold coins found in Morocco. I knew of this long before it was posted on the site. It seems ludicrous to me not to invest in a top OKM, knowing the places I can go and what probable treasure is there.

But, I have a wife and 2 kids that need a real working dad! I'm going mad. The contract I'm on is finishing in 2 weeks and I may have 1 month of before the next. This MUST be my window of opportunity to change my life forever.

WHAT SHALL I DO? My arm is aching from typing, gotta sleep. Sorry its a long read. Getting desperate. We're living in crazy times and I don't plan on going back to the UK!

Stan's response: It sounds like you may be close to some very successful treasure hunting Paul. Hang in there and do the best you can. Please keep us posted on your progress.

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Dec 13, 2016
Pleased to help
by: T jude belcaid

I have GPX4500 if any one intrested in hunting precious treasures don't hesitate to contact me
Live in london
Moroccan origin

Aug 16, 2016
by: eelman

I am in morocco i have a minelab GPX4500 Plus a dry washer and. other equipment. Would like to team up with like minded people.

Jun 04, 2016
need help
by: JOW






Apr 07, 2016
You are in a hotspot!
by: Karl

If there is any way you can get your hands on a DETECH Relic Striker from Bulgaria with the large coil, that would be most helpful. It has excellent iron discrimination, something you'll need in those ancient sites that span bronze age up through Medieval. You had Romans there and a lot of Vandal activity once the Visigoths kicked them out of Spain sometime around the 5th century. They completely destroyed the Alans, another Germanic tribal group in Spain during their exodus to North Africa where they set up shop and gave the Romans fits for years up until the Byzantines finally conquered them after 2 major campaigns. (How's that for a run-on sentence?)

Vandal relics and coins are worth quite a bit more than Roman though both are fun to find.

YOUTUBE has some footage on the Relic Striker going head to head with MINELAB pulse detectors, other high end VLF detectors and the German made Pulse Star II.

I am developing a case of envy here, please adopt an old bald headed treasure hunter...I won't eat much and shouldn't take up too much room! LOL

All the best in your treasure hunting ventures.

Jul 14, 2015
Any Help Treasure Hunting in Morocco?
by: Jimmy

I'm a Moroccan living in USA I use to work with my team in morocco we are a treasures hunting and we have our equipment. If you need any help we can meet in morocco or any where in the world this is my email

Feb 02, 2014
Still In Morocco Mr. Paul
by: Candy

I may Help you to go on!

Aug 31, 2011
Still in Morocco
by: chris

Please send me an email. I might be able to help regarding your digging: xriss55 @
Thanks, Chris

May 23, 2010
Thank You So Much for Your Comment.
by: paul

Wow, I was getting quite crazy wondering how to get the money for an OKM. I'm going to start to think about the Minelab now. I know a shop in the UK that has 0% financing.

The ground here is hard rock, not more than a meter deep anyway. Stuff wouldn't be deeper, I'd think. I have a couple of stories for you.

The place in Marrakech has a destroyed fort type place which was blown up when the ammo store caught fire, hundreds of years back. It was a castle-type place where the lord of the area lived and people of the area gave their gold to him. To keep safe as he was an honest man, there are some large thick mud walls left in a square shape, maybe 2,000 meters square. It is very, very nice, but there is mineralized quartz everywhere.

My Whites DFX found a coin on the surface, a hundred years old or so, but my ears were exploding from the interference. I'm no pro, so it was hard to stop the noise.

A story from same place... some kids found a black powder, not sure in what, but loads of it. They left it and went home. They told their dad. He knew it was unprocessed gold and went back with them. By the time they got there, it had all been taken. I researched a bit about this powder. It sounds good.

I typed in a Google search for gold and Morocco. I found there was a huge contract (this is new for Morocco I think) just sold to a Canadian company to search/dig for gold.

I work for the government's seismic department and they know nothing of it! I'm not too suprised though. They have found in their samples far more than they first thought.

It is near Ouarzazate (pronounced oohwaahzazate) mizmiz fields I think. Should I go to the old rivers to detect there? Their website has pictures of the area! Check it out. It sounds like something you guys would love. I read a bit about the co-op for a gold search in the jungle.

If I have the whole of Morocco's well logs and seismic data, what kind of rocks would I look for? Not that I could read that amount of data, but you see different rocks like chalk or quartzite, argile, calcaire, dolomite, sel, gypsum, anhydrite, charbon lignite, and so on.

I am going to go research the GPX now and maybe do some work. I think I may have found a guy in a toll booth who I can get to research maps for me. He speaks good English and seems trustworthy.

Good Luck to All,

May 13, 2010
OKM and Your Money
by: Anonymous

About a year ago, some friends and I had a representative from OKM come and show us how it performed in an area that is rich in gold, Rich Hill in Arizona. Before he got there, we placed a half oz. gold nugget in the ground at 18 inches and had him look for it.

We showed him where it was and he could not find it. Having said that, he did find gold at a much deeper location but it was at 9 feet. It took him 1-hour to set up a search grid. He went over it like I would cut grass, very slowly. He didn't miss an inch, first one way, then the another.

Then the computer kept blinking out and he had to reboot it and do it again. But a small piece of gold at 9 ft was not worth us getting a backhoe to dig up.

My friends and I have Minelabs. All of us have the GPX-4500. That is a great machine but it will wear you out digging 4 foot holes all day long. One or two and you are worn out.

The expense is out of reach for some people. I'm into my detector for about $7,500 with different coils and tools. Sometimes, we just have to do more research before we dig deeper holes. But it sounds like you got it bad (gold fever).

Hope you find lots of treasure, but please don't waste your money on an OKM. I know one man who put his in the closet and uses a Fisher Goldbug now.


Stan's response: Thanks for your comments Richard. I sure do love the Minelab and the Goldbug. I love Rich Hill too!

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