Module One Question

by Jim

Are all the things you described about Module One in the Personal Magnetism E-book or are some of those things inside the other E-books that are available from Module One??

Stan's response: Each of the 6 benefits listed as the Course Contents for Module 1 can be enjoyed from only the e-book, Personal Magnetism.

The much larger list of benefits found inside Module 1 under the heading Special Offer, come from the entire collection of the 24 e-books.

Please let me know if you have more questions about this.

Comments for Module One Question

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Oct 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

I got a confirmation from PayPal yesterday but still haven't received download instructions.
Please Advise, Thanks

Stan's response: Thanks for your purchase XXX, I'm sorry you didn't see the link to the download page. Here it is for you.


I'm always here to answer your questions about the package. Please let me know what you think,

Jun 20, 2010
Live workshop/ Learning holiday
by: Franz

Hi Stan,
I would like to ask you if you ever thought about or think it would make sense to offer a kind of workshop,live course,holiday package, whatsoever you call it?
The reasons why I ask are connected to my personal experiences, but maybe somebodyelse had the same.
1.Information overload through computer/online working.
I spend already a couple of hours a day in front of a computer, doing some necessary tasks,staying in contact with friends,learning etc. and I have the feeling that"just" reading another book or another blog or whatsoever hasn't that much of an impact even with very good content.
2.Programming myself negatively about learning
Back aching, eyes tired, head full of infos kind of starts to programm myself negative about learning more.A workshop would kind of work on all levels = having a walk/hike and learning something "on the way" would mean positive conditioning,exercise,fresh air,fun and the learning itself.Then a few hours with a small group or one-on-one in front of a computer to learn about setting up a selling website etc.
3.Learning by doing.
I read a couple of things about webdesign etc., but as a rightbrainer I have a lot of distance to computers.It's much simpler if somebody takes me by the hand and actually does things together with me, be it using your trading system, creating passive income, reconditioning,create a selling webpage etc.
4.Having "all at once"
Sure you can go out learn about webdesign, but I doubt that most courses understand what I'm looking for = financial freedom through multiple sources of income = a simple, but bestselling site.Then learning about the mental process of getting free.Then healthy living which is an important part of freedom/happiness.

What I would be looking for is a one or two week course which has a bit of everything- positive reconditioning, brainstorming in a group to find unique possibilities for every member, bringing it into action so that everybody has at the end a basic webpage, that actually creates first passive money and is living proof, that it works and is worth to spend more time on,new friends or a group you can share ideas, skills after the workshop, a good time with hikes, hot springs, a little prospecting,working with a highbanker whatsoever.

Do you think something like this would be possible or possible for an affordable price?
Or did you ever hear about a course like that, took part yourself ?
Thank you for your thoughts on that topic.

Stan's response: This post just ran over its size limit. I have created a brand new post called "Live Workshop / Learning Holiday". Please go look for the continuation there...

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