Mineral Claiming

by Andrew
(Sheridan, Wyoming, USA)

Stan, I've been doing some searching on how to make a claim on the property and would like to know if you could lead me to the right direction.

Stan's response: Try some intense Google searches. You can start with "mineria", "departamento de minas y energia" or "ley de mineria" coupled with "nicaragua". Be prepared to use your Google translator extensively.

This is just the beginning. Next, you'll have to become creative and use search terms such as "oro aluvial", "lavaderos", etc.

This will likely take you many days or even weeks to squeeze all of the value out of these searches that you can possible get. Look for older history books in Google Books and elsewhere that can tell you much more about the history and geology of your target area.

Amongst all of this searching, you'll likely come across the history of the mining law and how it has evolved.

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