Midwest Geo Search

by Dave
(Merrill, Wisconsin, USA)

This is what we have going on right now. New discoveries:

1. 2 Imperial Jade locations,
2. blue caldera gem location,
3. petrified wood location,
4. 2 prehistoric bone bed loctions,
5. 11 - 9,000 year old underwater village locations,
6. a demetiod garnet discovery.

We are looking at ways to profit from these amazing finds and their loctions. I know the above statment sounds to good to be true, but it is. The most unusual thing is these discoveries are not in South America, but in Wisconsin, USA.

We have the gem stones from the bed rock locations as well as the artifacts and fossils from their bedrock locations. We have not told anyone where these places are until the time is right.

Could you be of any help in ways we may profit from our discoveries?

We believe one of our locations may be the last out-post of Atlantis. The reason we say this is because of the nature of the artifacts and structures found. They display advanced technology that could not have existed in 7,000 b.c. I look forward to hearing from you. Any help would be much appreciated.

Dave kc9krq@gmail.com

Stan's response: Wow Dave, it sounds like you guys have been busy. My strategy would be to use the minerals to finance the preservation and proper documentation of the archaeology.

I would begin to search for a non-traditional or open-minded archaeologist with a good reputation that you can trust. Perhaps someone like Dr. Jeffrey Goodman ( American Genesis ) could help you find an archaeologist like this.

Obviously, the minerals and the archaeology are 2 different arenas. The minerals should be handled as a proper mining/marketing business and the archaeology/paleontology should be managed responsibly with professional documentation as this could turn out to be a very important discovery for mankind.

Perhaps someone reading your comments here might be in a position to help you with more of these issues. Let me know if you have more detailed questions for me.

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