Metallic Library - Tayos Cave

by John Smith

Stan, I know you have been busy but you promised to put an end to the mystery back in 2007 with revelations in your words "heads will roll and facts will be revealed". Well, will this info ever be disclosed or did I simply miss it. I have written several times in the last couple of years and have yet to elicit a response. Please Help. Yours In Quest >:^) John Smith

Stan's response: Unfortunately, I don't yet have the time to do this subject justice. However, you deserve some sort of response as your patience with me has been outstanding :-)

It was largely Gold of the Gods that brought me to Ecuador so many years ago. Obviously, I have discovered some sort of treasure in Ecuador as I have now been here for nearly 25 years.

A fair share of time during those years has been spent in an in-depth investigation of the Metallic Library and the Tayos Cave. Nobody wanted this story to be true more than I. Unfortunately, by the time I got right down to the final root of the entire story, I discovered that it was a total lie that was promoted by various people over the years, each with their own agenda.

The whole story started with Petronio Jaramillo. He originally created the story as a fictional novel. His former wife was the scribe for his dictations. I interviewed her on video a few years ago and she recounted the entire "made-up", fictional, experience.

But at some point, Jaramillo discovered he might turn a financial profit by converting the story into fact. In the process, he tried to fool Pino Turolla (Beyond the Andes) into believing the story and buying it. Pino was not fooled. Read about it in his wonderful book.

Juan Moricz then stole the story from Jaramillo and promoted it as his own unique discovery. Juan continued to make even more fantastic claims about contacts with intra-terrestrials and more. Juan conducted several expeditions within the cave, however none of the expedition participants ever saw anything special. I interviewed most of them on video too.

Juan used his notorious discovery as a way to promote his gold mining ventures all around southern Ecuador. While Juan was a true scholar and amazing investigator, he completely lied about the Metallic Library.

Then Eric von Daniken got his piece of the pie with his book, Gold of the Gods. Eric profited more than anyone from the story. However, there was basically not one shred of truth in the entire book. I challenge him to prove me wrong. I still possess all of the evidence and all of the details of my entire investigation.

The late Stan Hall showed up in 1976 and organized a multi-million dollar British/Ecuadorian expedition into the cave for many weeks. He even convinced Neil Armstrong to participate! My thorough investigations produced no evidence at all that anything was discovered connected to an ancient advanced civilization.

Stan Hall couldn't seem to let go of the subject after his failed expedition. Jaramillo had completely sucked him in too. Hall went on to write a ridiculous book, Tayos Gold, that basically makes no sense. In the book, he claimed that the "real" Tayos Cave is actually on the Pastaza River. The cave is real; I fully explored the whole thing. It contained absolutely nothing.

A professional Japanese expedition penetrated the Tayos Cave further than anyone else in history. They reached a point nearly 20 kilometers from the entrance. I have some of their video footage in my collection. Once again, no evidence of an ancient advanced civilization.

Next, you have wannabe explorers, reporters and copy cat authors who have written and retold what they have heard or read, never having done the slightest original investigation of their own. Philip Coppens comes to mind as a perfect example of this. There are many more.

There is so much more to this story. I hope to reveal it all one of these days. I apologize for only giving you the short version John.

Once again, thanks for your patience!

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Oct 01, 2018
England stole the golden plates
by: Anonymous

England stole the golden plates in the Tayos Cave. Just for gold, because of the book. They spent a lot of money for something.

Stan's response: b Can't wait to see your evidence and hear your story.

Jul 28, 2016
sSelf Centered Humans of Today
by: 61yr Old

Hi Stan as far as I'm concerned you should keep on keeping on. Ignore the negative individuals and only address the positives. The hypocriticism I see in this forum only demonstrate that their life is boring and want to upset yours. MAINTAIN THE POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.

Stan's response: Thanks for the encouragement. It is always welcome.

Oct 05, 2014
Frauds, Myths and Mysteries
by: John Smith

Coincidence of information does not a fact make.

Anyone interested in advancing knowledge about a subject must first remove all information that is not able to be proved. If you can not prove a theory it remains a theory.

Not a fact, an opinion.

In college I wrote a term paper about ships lost in the s. California desert.

My Underwater Archaeology professor knew I had a vivid imagination and a lust for treasure. He suggested I read Kenneth Feder: Frauds Myths and Mysteries\Science and Pseudoscience. In the beginning it was difficult for me to look only at the facts. It takes much more effort to get the facts! In the end I was able to prove the existence of 1 ancient ship from 1500 and a more recent one from 1800.

I encourage all explorers and you who seek the truth to read the same book and apply the principals outlined. It will save a lot of time.

I can not remember which book in Stan's library has the pictures of crespos collection. I suggest you read them all they are awesome!
The collection I think is in the Vatican along with countless articles from 1500 to current.

Thank You Stan for all your hard work! If your critics worked as hard as you to get at the facts
they might accidentally find out some info.
Warmest regards, John >:^)

Stan's response: Sure is nice to hear a friendly voice from someone who "gets it" once in a while.

Oct 03, 2014
Tayos Cave
by: Anonymous

Siguen buscando la pava perdida sin saber que ya se encontro. Estaban todos equivocados buscando las fantasias del hungaro con acento argentino. El secreto esta resguardado de buscadores de tesoros y huaqueros. LBM

Oct 03, 2014
I FEEL the truth is in ECUADOR
by: Jose Rafael Osio R.

The few stuffs i've seen in fotos express a unity of artistic execution in a lot.

I only have a question....

How is possible that an ancient code traded in a Apure indian family is the same in the Tayos plate exhibited by E.Von Daniken as part of Crespi Collection ?... How is possible that the tradition of this family says 29 caciques came from Orion 7º sun and hibrydized with a earth being, and teached to speak and write....
How is possible to exist this strong relation between this plates discovery and the aknowledges of this family. This people has no a historic conventional culture nor use the internet... They were surprised when I showed the VDaniken plate foto..

I was expecting Mr Palacios told me wich is his translation of the plate.... NO ANSWER.

Is a pitty, because I feel the Tayos tales looks mixed many truths and many fakes , but something powerfull evidence is in the middle.

Where can i see some fotos of writings in plates of the Crespi collection?

There is a person - which show me his codes, he CAN DECODE THIS. I only need clear fotos, who is the cuirator of Crespi collection in Ecuador?

The polemic gives fruits. Go ahead !

Sep 27, 2014
PLACA de la piramide Coleccion Crespi
by: Jose R. Osío Reyna

La placa que tiene una piramide dos serpientes, etc y un alfabeto al pie es usada por los aimas de Venezuela con unas variantes. Tiene ademas un SUPERORDENADOR que da las instrucciones para realizar un gran exodo cuando solo habia un continente. Aparece también la formula de traslacion que es exactamente el TETRAGRAMA de Keophs, analizado por El Profesor Fernando Gúemes en el portal de

Alli tambien incluyo algunos articulos referente al tema.

Hallé una fuerte relación de algunos simbolos con los geroglificos egipcios, especialmente el llamado ISIS, que representa una madre buitre, y que tiene significado matematico tambien.
Seria grato intercambiar conocimientos con alguien que domine el significado o nombres de simbolos egipcios.

No tengo claro cual fue la direccion de la influencia , de aqui al Egipto o viveversa.
si hubiera la posibilidad de anexar graficos o docs a este blog serí estupendo, les abundaria en detalles acerca de lo que voy descubriendo.

Me sentí muy molesto cuando le extendi al Sr A Palacios la invitacion a compartir y me expresó que "el había descifrado la Placa de Los Tayos" de manera " epigrafica".

ESO no es un texto, ES EL CODIGO IRWUYSNM. y el significado adicional es bastante complejo de decodificar pues la placa se lee en 4 direcciones posibles, incluidos los puntos o circulos en el borde de la misma.

mi email:

Sep 27, 2014
by: Jose R. Osio Reyna

Dear friends.. I am studying a tradition of aimas indian in Venezuela. It was incredible for me...But I coppied the Irwuysnm code -So they call it- and looking for ancients alfabeths i met The gods gold from EV Daniken. in page 117... is the foto of a golden plate. When I amplify my surprise was that is the same Irwuysnm Code, is an alfabeth, is an history, is the key for decoding 34 indian languages ....

My e mail is
I would be happy if any person has some other plate, bof this collection.

I have a blog in where I have inserted fragments of the book I am writing.

I found astronomicals connotation to 23 0f 54 symbols, the remaining is very dark for me due my lack of knowledge of old astronomics symbols.

Sep 26, 2014
Soul Crunching Curiosity
by: Richard

Hi Stan, I know you are a very busy individual I would like to know are there any facts on anything interesting you've been investigating over the years... I'm very interested in knowing. There must have been something you found or discovered in your lifetime to give you such a drive and dedication to go on and keep going? Please respond, I am very very interested...

Stan's response: Hi Richard, Unfortunately, I have been too busy discovering stuff and not taking enough time to share my discoveries with my friends and subscribers. The truth is that I discover interesting, important and valuable things nearly every week. I am lucky to have created a lifestyle that allows me to live both comfortably and freely. I fully intend to begin documenting some of my discoveries within the next year or so.

Here is a brief list of some of the things I have discovered recently:

5 significant, virgin, pre-Columbian archaeological sites (Canari culture),

2 important early Spanish gold mining sites from the 1500's (old El Dorado),

3 commercially viable, alluvial gold sites (Ecuadorian Oriente),

1 virgin, hardrock gold site between Sigsig and Gualaquiza,

1 site of giant ammonite fossils,

and the list goes on...

I work on these projects for purely passionate and selfish interests. That said, I hope that my drive and dedication can help inspire others to follow their passions as well.

Sep 22, 2014
About Andreas Faber-Kaiser
by: Anonymous

I have not found in its web any mention of the investigation realized by Andreas Faber-Kaiser. I believe that its testimony is very valid and true. He was an honest investigator. You Can comment on this?

Here a small article about its travel for the people who did not know it:

Stan's response: I am so tired of beating this subject to death. At the end of the day, the only way you can know the real truth is to go there yourself. If you simply assume that someone is telling the truth or that they are lying, you are drawing an uninformed conclusion. Go there yourself and then "show me" what you find.

I really don't care anymore if anyone believes me or not about my findings. I have nothing to gain either way. Whatever you do, make yourself happy.

Mar 23, 2014
Tayos Cave
by: Anonymous

In my country Ecuador, almost everyone knows you are un CIA agent that try to make appear Tayos, story as a fake. The same thing happenned in Ica,s stones story. Big Brother's hands is again trying to cover up Tayos, story. In a Richard Wingate,s book say about a guy named Stan found the tayos, treasure, wouldn,t be you that guy?. As an Ecuadorian I have a lot of information that enforce the tayos cave story as a TRUE. Thanks.

Jan 04, 2014
Disappointing About theTayos Cave Story
by: Anonymous

While it's disappointing to find out much of this story is fabricated, it is much more troubling to find out the cave is being opened to tourists. Tourists bring in money to the local economy but they don't protect history.

Jan 02, 2014
Como Empezo Todo Con la Biblioteca Metalica (Metallic Library)?
by: Luis Bravo

Por supuesto que todos estan errados, de lo contrario ya hubieran encontrado la famosa Biblioteca Metalica. Eso incluye a Moricz, Goyen Jaramillo, Danikken, Hall y otros expertos y herederos del legado del hungaro con acento argentino.

La biblioteca existe, lo que pasa es que los expertos investigadoeres estan muy ocupados investigando una pista que fue inventada por el mayor Con Artist de la historia del Ecuador.
Soy hijo del hombre que le informo al hungaro de la existencia de las cuevas del Oriente del Ecuador, mal llamadas de los Tayos, y su contenido.

El unico testigo ocular desde el comienzo de la historia que todavia vive.

Y para tu informacion Stan, la biblioteca si existe. Estan sentados en una bolsa de oro y no se han dado cuenta.Los expertos guias te pueden llevar solo hasta la puerta de la entrada de la cueva, pero solo Arutam te puede dar permiso de entrar en ella y descubrir sus tesoros.

Ya me canse de tantas sandeces y especulaciones, voy ha editar mi version para acabar de una vez con esta cadena de iluciones,

!!SOON!! Luis Bravo

May 22, 2013
by: Manuel Palacios

Hi Stan, I want to share with people that Shuar people have given me permission to develop expeditions, explorations with scientific, mystical, etc. interest to the TAYOS CAVE in COANGOS. For that reason I am able to coordinate and lead explorations there...

For those interested ones, my mail is

Stan's comments: When it comes to expeditions into the Tayos Cave, Manuel is the man! He comes very highly recommended from me.

May 21, 2013
Thank You - Cueva de los Tayos - Tayos Cave
by: Anonymous

Reading this just saved me thousands of dollars, countless hours and disappointment in looking further into this myself.

Thanks Stan!

Feb 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

I found it particularly funny where a poster mistook you for a deceased person (Mr. Hall).

Looking at the artwork, I must say it looks rather amateurish if not anachronistic in style. That in itself should raise an alarm.

Jan 25, 2013
this is sick
by: Anonymous

are you writing all this bullshit in the name of Stan Hall? He has been dead for years now FYI. get a life

Stan's response: Yikes! Looks like some people just don't know how to read; or don't care to take the time.

Jan 15, 2013
Thank you
by: Barry

Hi Stan,
Thank you for your quick response.
Boy would I ever love to be able to go and check things out for myself but I cannot. The computer and books are all I have, hardly see a television, and as you are aware one has to shift through a lot of deliberate deceit or bias.
I understand and appreciate your statement about chain of evidence, well said.
I was not trying to offend, indeed I hope I didnot, was merely pointing out what Dona was saying and showing. You stated you were still looking so I thought contacting Dona would be a lead in your investigations.
Maybe I dont belong on this site because I am not wealthy and not able to do what you do at this time.
I would like to say that I am not a stipid person but nothing special. I have never been able to fit into society partly because I have always known that everything being told to me was wrong, indeed I cannot even accept the monotary system we are enslaved to. As a result I have always lived on the fringes of society living my life my way.
Had I realized that we would be on the verge of exposing the lies and deceit and discovering the truth about a good number of things at this time in history, I would have put myself in a position to travel and partake in these endevours. Very exciting.
Even though my capabilities are limited I cannot stop looking into things, I am drawn like a moth to the flame.
So please never be offended by anything I say, offense is not my intent.
I come to sites like yours because you have gone and looked into things so your views and opinions I appreciate, but certainly doesnt mean that I will agree with all of them, but I dare not say if anyone is right or wrong just on feeling. Even if it appears surreal to me, I must accept that it is possible till I find solid evidence to the contrary.
However all I can do is take one of these thoughts, strip away anything with no evidence whatsoever, and see what remains and go from there. Then I come up with a hypothesis and throw it out there for others to comment.
I try to cross reference as much as I can but at times I find very little one way or the other so at times I am left with what I think or feel. But I am open minded and none of my beliefs are carved in stone and quite often new information arises and I adjust my therioes accordingly.
Not trying to get this on your site, just wanted to let you know my motives and why I am here in the first place.

Stan's response: No offense taken Barry. I love your passionate and investigative attitude. I wish more people had what you have...Stan

Jan 12, 2013
Tayos Cave Metallic Library in Ecuador
by: Barry

Hello Stan, Just wanted to inform you that I have just seen two bronze tablets that came from the Crespi collection. Last time I contacted you, I believe that you doubted their existence so I thought I would drop you a line.

I saw them on an interview with Klaus Dona. The writing on them is Sumerian. On one tablet there is reptilian looking winged entity with human form from the neck down, and to the left is the tree of life. Although he could not say they came from the cave, he does verify that these artifacts did indeed come from father Crespi's collection.

Furthermore, other sources of Sumerian writing have been discovered in Bolivia inscribed into monuments. Fascinating stuff and no matter where I look all I can see is the indication of a global civilization that predates anything that the current establishment chooses to acknowledge for whatever reason.

I mean come on, to me it is as obvious as a slap in the face, so what the hell is going on here? Do they really believe people are stupid,? or are they just betting that most won't even pay attention, being preoccupied with their busy little lives and such.

Why are there so many scientists and archeologists so afraid to stand behind things they know to be true? Is their reputation so important?

Personally I would not care and would not hesitate to challenge whatever the believe if I found evidence to the contrary. My search for the truth far outweighs any concerns of being made out to a liar or a downright quack.

Keep digging around Stan and take care.

Stan's response: There is a thing in the world of investigations called "chain of evidence". I dealt with this issue for years when I was a private investigator, testifying regularly in court. In essence, any evidence that is presented to a court of law must have a complete, continuous and documented history of possession, from the time it was discovered until the time it is presented.

I believe that Klaus Dona is a professionally qualified and honest investigator. I am a fan of his work. That said, I would need to see the documented "chain of evidence" from the "original recovery" right through the interview you saw on TV.

Even if the tablets did come from the Crespi collection, how do you know that they were not manufactured in modern times and then given to Father Crespi? Did you know that Father Crespi had a very serious case of Alzheimer's disease during the last decade of his life? Do you know how easy it is to fool or trick someone with this disease?

A true investigator does not easily accept something because it is on TV or because some authority says it is true. One must get up off the couch and put in some real effort, sometimes for years, before being able to arrive at any conclusions about anything, especially the Metallic Library.

I so wanted this story to be true. That is why I have spent 20 years investigating it on the ground at my own expense.

Dec 26, 2012
Father Crespi in Ecuador
by: Barry

Hello me again, just wanted to say that I found the answer to my question when I read further some of your responses here.

I am glad to see a site like this and wish there were many more.

Archaeology is merely a dream for me as I have spent many years of my life in and out of prisons and my record limits where I can go. Also I am only a blue collar worker and could not afford it so the couch and computer methods are all I have at this time.

Thank you for finding time to respond to people who want to know the truth but have limited capabilities.

I can only hope that closed minded, biased people never frustrate you to the point of abandoning your willingness to share your findings with the rest of us.

Some of us actually appreciate it. Thank you

Dec 26, 2012
Father Crespi in Ecuador
by: Barry

I have a question rather than a comment and I hope that is acceptable. I would very much like to hear your opinion on where the local natives found the artifacts given to father Crespi, as well as what may have happened to them?

Stan's response: Hi Barry. I am not yet thoroughly convinced that the natives actually found the artifacts. If they did find the artifacts, I would love to know the source locations too. I am still investigating this.

I am also actively investigating to where Crespi's metallic collection may have disappeared. As I make any significant discoveries, I will certainly publish them on my web site.

Aug 30, 2012
by: Manuel Palacios

El Artículo 1 de la Constitución de Ecuador de 2008 establece al Estado con todas sus características y su forma de gobierno a manera de república, otorga la soberanía al pueblo, y defiende todo recurso natural que esté dentro del territorio nacional.

Como ecuatoriano y protector del patrimonio cultural material e inmaterial de mi paìs, debo denunciar el atropello que se realizó en junio del presente año en la provincia de Morona Santiago, Cantón Limón, en la comunidad shuar de Coangos.

Hace un mes, denuncié que se estaba usando un deciframiento epigráfico que hice de una plancha atribuìda a la Colección Crespi, para retratar un artìculo que en su momento consideré falso. Mas detalles en el artìculo que escribì en julio:

Artìculo en el que denunciaba que: no estar firmada, no mencionar los nombres de las personas en este equipo, ni especificar la fecha del supuesto descubrimiento; pero sobre todo al poner la foto del deciframiento que hice, y que poco o nada tiene que ver con el sitio Cueva de los Tayos, se estaba sugiriendo mi participación en dicha “aventura de cazatesoros”. Quienes me conocen a nivel personal y profesional saben que soy un acérrimo defensor del patrimonio nacional, y que nunca me involucrarìa en eventos que tengan por único fin obtener tesoros, o especular con historias mìsticas con el fin de lograr seguidores y/o adherentes.

Stan's response: Gracias Manuel. Siempre me gusta tus comentarios, especialmente en Facebook.

Jul 25, 2012
Legendary Metal Library Found in Tayos Cave in Ecuador
by: Manuel Palacios

To whom it may concern;

(I wish to include the Shuar people and The National and International Scientific Community)

I, Manuel Palacios Villavicencio, researcher and editor of the website

declare that the statements made on the site:

Is only disinformation, it seems it is a strategy, which aims to indispose us, in front of the Political and Religious Authorities of the Honorable Shuar People and obscure the work we’ve been doing since 2006 with them.

Since This picture has MY copyright, I demand you remove it immediately.

By The Way the information contained in the “article”, also, is nothing more than a compilation of at least 3 bibliographic sources:

“Tayos Gold” by Stan Hall,

“Lírico y Profundo” by Guillermo Aguirre and

“Gold of the Gods” by Erich Von Däniken.

I am Also concerned because the names of this “team of explorers” are not specified or noted.

Because I own this picture!! (Copyright and all rights to it) I welcome you to Please go to my web page for details and information about Me and the work that I do with the Tayaos Caves and Artifacts.
Which, the way it is published in the article, it could be presumed that I am part of that team. I am NOT!!

I do not and will not allow my work to be used, as in this case, by Something / Someone that is perpetuating a “SCAM”!!!
*** It is my responsibility to bring attention to this ***
“Operation of Dis-Information”
I am saying this, for the following reasons:

1. The article above is not signed.

2. It does not mention names of those on this team.

3. It does not specify the date of the discovery.

4. It does not mention the name of the radio station nor the show this Information was released or a date, of where and when this news was Supposedly Broadcast.

For those who know me already, are aware that I am one of The Ecuadorians, Defending The Rights of OUR Native Peoples, always watching over the truth and the preservation of Tangible and Intangible cultural heritage of my country. My work has always been spread with Transparent Solidarity, and Freedom to decide for yourselves . Please, remember this, I Will Never agree to be used to mislead people, or to allow Deceit or Trickery to create controversy or to make people think these things, unless I know them to be true .

I declare this in all honesty, See for yourselves.

Thank you for your time, sincerely,

Manuel Palacios Villavicencio

Stan's response: Thank you Manuel. For you Tayos Cave wannabelievers, please take careful note: This reported discovery is a total scam. I'll say it again: There is no metallic library!!!

Jul 25, 2012
Treasure Found?
by: Anonymous

Would anyone care to comment on the latest news? That the Tayos Treasure has in fact been found!

Stan's response: Oh please, tell me more...

Apr 19, 2012
by: hk

Most people just want to sit their ass and talk irresponsible B.S. about things they have no idea about.

If you have never been to the Roncador Mountain Range (Serra do Roncador) in Brazil...

If you have never been to the underground system of Cusco, Peru...

If you have never been to the Pyramids deep down the Amazon Jungle...

Please stop talking this amount of irresponsible crap, will you?

Just live your own fears and keep them to yourselves.

Stan's response: Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

Mar 27, 2012
by: JamieO

If you come up with an idea of how that might work I would certainly be interested in having a talk.

Mar 27, 2012
by: JamieO

How about an apprentice Stan? Someone to help you spread the net perhaps.

Stan's response: Under the right conditions, I might be interested. I will give some thought to setting something up whereby I could pass on and coach with some of my most valuable information and projects. There are dozens of projects and I will never get around to completing 10% of them in this lifetime.

Mar 03, 2012
Thanks for Your Tayos Cave Investigations !
by: AnonyMike

Thanks for your response, I didn't think you would answer so fast. I will definitely give Forbidden Archaeology a try. I'm glad I found this page because ever since seeing an episode of Ancient Aliens, I have been really interested in this metallic library but as interesting as most of the things that the show explains are, they do a lot of pseudoscience and come up with explanations that assume too much, none often showing an investigative approach.

I commend you for going out and doing your own investigative research on this subject because for people like me who don't have the time or money to make the trips to Ecuador, we can rely on your research as well and not only on a show off of the history channel.

P.S. it's really unfortunate that Crespi had such a severe case of Alzheimer's (something I don't remember the show mentioning). I'm sure he would have had a lot of answers about his mysterious collection. Have you written anything more on Crespi and his collection? If so, I would be very interested in reading it.

Stan's response: Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it.

I have a rather large collection of interviews with key people and Tayos Cave expeditions in my possession now. As time permits, I intend to create and edit a 1-hour video of the entire story and my investigations of it over the years.

My only problem is that I am working on numerous, simultaneous projects. They are all important and I am passionate about them all. If I only had a clone...

Mar 03, 2012
Crespi Collection - Fact or Fraud?
by: AnonyMike

Hi I read your response about how the metal artifacts in Father Crespi's collection were proven non-authentic by the archaeologists had examined the collection. I am curious as to how they came to that conclusion. More specifically, how did they test it and find that it wasn't authentic? Also, in your opinion, do you think that Father Crespi knew they were not authentic?

Stan's response: I don't believe I said that the artifacts were "proven" to be non-authentic. If I said that, then I was wrong.

When I spoke with the archaeologists in the Banco Central museum in Cuenca about 15 years ago, they told me that they had examined the metallic artifacts and that they "looked wrong". I do not believe that any scientific tests were ever performed on the artifacts.

The fact that they "looked wrong" to the archaeologists does not necessarily mean all that much. I believe that there are many unexplained ancient artifacts in the world today that are authentic and that modern archaeology can not explain. The book, Forbidden Archaeology, for example, is a masterful work and one of my all-time favorites.

Father Crespi had a severe case of Alzheimer's Disease during the last decade or so of his life. He made a number of comments that were questionable during that time. He became more and more out of touch with reality during those years. I would have given anything to have been able to interview him during his lucid years.

I still have many questions about several of the items that were in his collection. Unfortunately, I do not feel comfortable giving a strong opinion on this exact Crespi issue, one way or the other.

The only thing that bothers me these days is when people express such a strong opinion about the "truth" of this whole Metallic Library thing without having ever done any personal field work or interviews with people possessing inside information.

I have done tons of investigative work and interviews over 20 years on this case (advanced underground civilizations and a metallic library) and I have never found one shred of evidence that any of it is true. I have uncovered enormous amounts of evidence that the entire Tayos Cave story is actually false, except for the existence of the cave itself, of course.

Feb 18, 2012
I am not convinced you are telling everything you know about the Tayos Cave in Ecuador.
by: Mike

Hello, I am new in this topic I found first information about this cave few days ago. So far i can see that there are no proofs that it actually exist.

But there is something particular in a way you deny whole story. You get so personal almost offended yet not presenting any empirical proofs. That gives impression that you know more that you say.

With Respect, Mike

Stan's response: I am not offended, just amused.

Jan 19, 2012
Tayos Cave - Metallic Library
by: Steve

This is just all underhanded. Someone should sue History Channel for promoting these flim flam authors. Thanks for telling us the truth. The History Channel is losing creditability.

Stan's response: I hate to say it Steve, but there are so many deceptions out there in our society that most people believe without question. The Federal Reserve, 9-11 and Social Security are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Tayos Cave deception really taught me to seek out the truth personally and to never depend on the so-called "experts" who simply repeat the lies instead of doing original research and field work themselves.

Jan 01, 2012
Armchair Adventurers
by: John Smith

Wow, I never would have dreamed so many folks would have gotten so stirred up over a story of fabrication for profit. In the realm of treasure, the person who profits most in a gold rush is the guy with picks and shovels for sale. To profit from a treasure tale is common now days.

Look at the chronicle of Akakor, Chariots of the Gods to name a couple. The History Channel has such experts as a radio talk show host to give his take on the ancient astronaut theories. Hell, it's no small wonder people don't know what to believe!

Believe this! Hard work and research are critical if any thing is to be found!

I will say I have been knowing Stan Grist, The Adventurer, for about 10 years. Never met the man in person but he has always been dead on with his products and advice. I had written on another occasion how Stan's advice had allowed me to find many archaeological sites near where I live the list of my accomplishments in this area goes on... But this is not about me.

Believe what you want people, but as far as I am concerned Stan Grist is the real deal. I can't believe he will even respond to the childish and undeserved comments he has received.

I agree whole heartedly with his statement telling the individual to see for himself what is out there. You wont find much on the couch!
Regards: >:^)

Stan's response: How refreshing to hear from a non-hater. Thanks John...

Dec 25, 2011
Hold your horses,....
by: George Zachystal CDN

Well, I would not jump to conclusions yet as claiming story of metal library is entirely false.
We do have this are we!
And where is that they may be at some place even more. It would be totally foolish that any metal library plates will just remain all nice and cozy awaiting especially you –for your holy arrival when you go get them at time in future. Other foolish fact is that natives without electrical light could or will walk 20 km deep in to cave system with truck load of fire torches?
No, out of thousands of Earth’s past evolution of symbols and alphabetic letters – there is no one which will fit (human).
I am claiming it is more then 60 millions of years old (symbols) from one of many Earth previous technologically advance or semi advance society. In case of these symbols they are 100% extraterrestrial influence and definitively are not of Sumerian or Magyar origins nor Slavic Arian from Siberia region prior Earths catastrophe.
Ancient Star gate had these symbols on it. If I would be researcher I would focus upon location of South of India flooded region and Annunakis just for curiosity, but I am claiming it came from some other reality or world. Star gate is located near Cheb, CZ deep in undeground IS REAL.

Stan's response: Thanks for your comments.

Dec 22, 2011
here's a fact
by: yourfigment

For all the time you've put into putting up this blog post, and responding with paragraphs of responses- you could have easily posted one picture and/or vid. In fact, you could have easily posted many in the same time.

You call people lazy, yet you are too lazy to do that? It rings hollow for you to go on about how busy you are, yet look at the breadth of your responses here.

So it begs the question, why are you so passionate about shooting this down with zero proof of your own? It;s not about people going to see for themselves. It's about you saying you did, yet can't prove it. I think it's safe to say you have been called out.. and thus shot down.

Stan's response: Sorry, I don't have time to even respond. But, believe however you like that makes you feel good.

Dec 12, 2011
Photos and Video
by: Anonymous

I apologize first if I am off, but am I the only one that thinks the evidence is being danced around? Honestly a thousand hours posting pictures of your explorations, I doubt it! You can create a Youtube channel with thousands of video hours in a day. I know we are all busy Stan but how bout just a link to some of your stuff? Plus you want us to believe that you spent all this time and money to explore the legend, but no video of the "caves"? Not by any means do I think this makes the legends true....I just wonder who is still at home guessing. Either way thank you Stan for the interesting topic!

Stan's response: Do you really think I care if you believe me or not? I am way too busy doing things I love and pursuing projects that are real and meaningful. I don't live to prove the metallic library is a hoax. Been there and done that. Why don't you take a shot at it? No, really, why don't you Mr. Anonymous?

Dec 12, 2011
Tayos Cave Hoax
by: Anonymous


I agree 100% with you, the whole thing is a hoax.
The real reason behind The Tayos Cave was to get concessions for Gold and Oil. Stan Hall was behind a mine concession that he never got.

Nov 30, 2011
Tayos Cave Metallic Library
by: Anonymous

Dear Mr. Hall:

Are you aware that the television program "Ancient Aliens" episode entitled "Underground Aliens" is presenting the metallic tablet related to the Tayos Cave as legitimate and from an ancient unknown origin?

Did the program producers contact you about it before hand? Could they possibly know something unknown to you?

I am upset that a widely viewed television program would put out information without checking their information. If I could find this web site; how could their research(ers) not have to have weighed their information out more accurately?

I would appreciate your comments sir and thank you for your investigation.

Stan's response: First off, I'm not Stan Hall. I am Stan Grist. Stan Hall is dead. I'm still alive.

Yes, I know all about the Ancient Aliens episode. Welcome to the world of biased TV and biased media. So many people think that if they see it on TV or in the newspaper, it must be true.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is highly skewed, and just when you think you know the truth or reality about something, you don't really.

As a former private investigator and overall curious person, I have learned to apply a type of scientific method to my studies. I have learned that I have to get off my butt and invest hard work to get to the bottom of things. In this case, it took 20 years to do it right.

I wanted the Tayos Cave Metallic Library legend to be true more than anyone else in this world. That is largely what brought me to Ecuador many years ago. I figured that if this story was true, the whole world needs to know about it. I wanted to be a messenger to help that happen.

Instead, by the time I had thoroughly investigated the facts, people, places and events surrounding the legend, I discovered that it was all a non-fiction hoax being promoted by some naive, but sincere people, and also by some blatantly dishonest people.

Of course, the TV people and authors make way more money by promoting something that sounds fantastic as opposed to true.

Nov 22, 2011
by: Damarius

Stan, I applaud you going through all of the evidence and adventuring deep within the cave that most only talk about. You mention that you have pictures and videos of all your research, I have a few questions.

With today's technology would it be possible to share some of your photos and videos? Maybe post them on a sharing site such as flickr or photobucket and put the videos on youtube. You could always host them yourself.

I know a lot of people would like to commend you on your research and expert skills that you used when verifying the story.

Can you make these available? If not, is there a reason why they can not be provided?

Stan's response: Thanks for your contribution Damarius. First off, I do not photograph and/or video all of my adventures and investigations. I try to record and document things as much as possible. However, sometimes situations just move too fast to capture it all.

That said, I do have thousands of photos and many hours of video to share. I intend to continue to build my web sites as much and as fast as is humanly possible. I spend a lot of time in the field and have only a limited amount of time to build more web pages with more documentation. I already have posted hundreds of web pages with hundreds of photos in 3 different web sites. This has taken thousands of hours over the years. I plan to do many more.

Thanks again for your interest. I wish there was a magic way to double or triple the amount of hours I have in each day.

Nov 09, 2011
Tayos Cave vs. Pastaza (Tayos) Cave - The Fabled Metallic Library in Ecuador
by: Thomas

The cave at the Pastaza River is of great interest to me. I am interested to see that you've really been there. To my understanding it lies within a fault line next to a bend in the river, and that is how it is accessed.

I've heard two stories, that Jaramillo had to dive under water to get into the cave, and that the cave is under the river, however one doesn't access the cave by underwater travel.

I'd like to know exactly where it was you explored, what is there, what cave you entered if it wasn't the Tayos Cave, how you got into it, and what proof you have in the form of photography confirming your denial of the Library of Metal's existence.

Stan's response: There are numerous Tayos Caves in the jungles of Ecuador. However, there are 2 primary Tayos Caves in which most investigators are interested these days. The first Tayos Cave is where Stanley Hall took the insanely expensive 1976 expedition with Neil Armstrong and gang.

The second Tayos Cave is described in Stanley Hall's eccentric book entitled, Tayos Gold. It is located along the Pastaza River. The entrance to the Tayos Cave on the Pastaza River is about 3 km. downstream from the large bridge over the river that connects Puyo and Macas.

The location is extremely easy to find these days since there is a major footpath leading to the entrance and since it has become an important tourist destination visited by dozens of new people each month. You must now pay an entry fee to the cave owner in order to explore the cave due to its popularity.

I went there many years ago, immediately after Tayos Gold was published. Back then, it was a little more difficult to find. We explored the entire cave, right back to a small section near the end that required some underwater swimming.

How can I furnish you photographic proof of something that doesn't exist? Oh sure, both caves are real enough, but they are just regular caves. There is no Metallic Library and there never has been! There is no evidence of an intelligent-made tunnel system either.

Here is an idea for you... Get off your ass and go see for yourself! Invest several thousands of dollars in some expeditions. Then tell me what you find.

It is laughable how people like to criticize me for telling the truth based on 20 years of primary research, interviews and personal field trips. Been there, done that... NEXT...

Sep 29, 2011
Somebody Call the History Channel About the Tayos Cave Hoax!
by: Jennifer

I hate that I just spent an hour watching this piece on the Tayos Cave only to find out that it is all based on fabrication. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Stan's response: Thanks for commenting Jennifer. The big problem is that everyone simply repeats the rumors and legends over and over. None of the people who produce these documentaries and write these articles ever go to investigate the issues first hand. Also, everyone wants so bad to believe that it is true. I wanted to believe it too.

I felt so let down and deceived as I slowly and painstakingly put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, interviewed the witnesses and investigated the story, first-hand, all over Ecuador. People still even get mad at me now when I burst their bubble about this myth. The Father Crespi story is another good one too.

Let's keep investigating and searching for the truth!

Aug 12, 2011
Tayos Cave - Level of Truth
by: Anonymous

In defense of the Tayos story to have some level of truth, a few questions:

How is it possible that millions have been spent on this issue by several sponsors, and nothing has been found? There must have been some level of serious proof before any investor would commission expeditions like have been executed in the last decades?

If nobody found anything, why further expeditions were issued?

Stan's response: I'm curious why you feel the need to defend the Tayos Cave myth. No evidence has ever been found to support the myth of an advanced culture's presence in the cave. It is quite straight forward and simple.

The most interesting investigation of all to date, in my opinion, was a Japanese expedition of professional cave explorers. They penetrated the cave further than anyone else ever has, approximately 15 kilometers. I have some great video footage of their trip. They found nothing of archaeological interest.

Erich von Daniken is perhaps the most guilty of all in promoting the fraud of the Tayos Cave. He made millions of dollars from his book, Gold of the Gods. He was later completely debunked in the German magazine, Der Speigel. If I were him, I would have crawled into a hole of shame and never come out.

The next most guilty person in the deception, in my opinion, was Juan Moricz. He took several groups into the cave, each with great hopes of seeing something fantastic. I have interviewed most of them on video. Not one single person ever saw anything of archaeological significance.

Juan Moricz used his fraudulent "Tayos Cave" fame to help raise money for his many gold mining projects in southern Ecuador. It is very clear what he was up to and why.

Have you read Stan Hall's book, Tayos Gold? Stan Hall was the primary expedition organizer for the 1976 Tayos trip. Why do you think Stan changed caves years later, continuing to look for the metallic library elsewhere? I have explored Stan Hall's Tayos Cave on the Pastaza River more than Stan Hall ever did. There is nothing interesting there either.

This all just goes to show you how much people desperately want to believe in a fantastic story. Unfortunately, very few people ever go to the trouble to do their own homework and properly investigate things in person for themselves before they believe.

Most people are just lazy sheep. Every time I read the esoteric, bullshit stories about the Tayos Cave on the internet, promoted by people who have never even gone there, I laugh out loud.

How is that for a Level of Truth?

Mar 04, 2011
Tayos Cave Video Footage
by: Venturesplorin

I recently saw an older video that shows a page from the "metal library" along with a bunch of other artifacts supposedly from the cave. Were these objects faked or from another unrelated find?

Stan's response: I have seen the same items. My opinion, based on private photos I have seen, is that those items were originally part of the Crespi Collection. The Crespi Collection is/was highly controversial as to its authenticity.

Years ago, I spoke with 3 archaeologists from the Banco Central in Cuenca who had examined the Crespi pieces in detail. While the vast majority of the ceramic pieces in the collection were considered to be authentic, each and every one of the metallic objects were deemed to be modern-made (not authentic).

One good example of the fraud that is taking place is a photo from Von Daniken's, Gold of the Gods" bestseller. In the photo you see a dome-like object that looks like a small, ceramic tent. Von Daniken claims to have photographed this piece inside the Tayos Cave (which actually never happened).

There is another photo in Pino Truolla's book, Beyond the Andes of the obviously exact same object. Pino's photograph was taken of the Crespi Collection in Cuenca, outback in the shed. That object has never been in the Tayos Cave.

I have seen the exact same metallic pages that are claimed to be from the Tayos Cave in private photos of the Crespi Collection from the 1960's. I saw these photos in Bueno Aires where I went to spend a week interviewing Juan Moricz' best friend, Julio Goyen Aguado. Julio participated in the famous Tayos Expedition of 1976. He admitted to me that the expedition found no evidence of an advanced civilization within the cave.

Please remember, the entire Tayos Cave story was originally dreamed up as a fiction novel by Pertronio Jaramillo in Quito. I interviewed his original wife/widow on video. She explained to me in great detail how she took dictation from Pertronio as he created the story from scratch, pacing around the bedroom floor. He had hoped to write a best seller and get rich from it.

For some great entertainment, read Pino Turolla's opinion of Petronio as he dramatically recounted the story to Pino. In my opinion, Pino really had Petronio's number. Pino tape recorded the experience and laughed about it for years.

The late Stan Hall clearly describes in his book, Tayos Gold how Juan Moricz basically stole the entire Tayos Cave story from Petronio and then made it all out to be his own, non-fictional discovery. Juan did this in order to better promote his substantial gold mining concessions located around Southern Ecuador.

Juan Moricz was a great researcher, but I could go on and on with all of the evidence that I have collected that brings the truth to light.

Jan 29, 2011
Slander much?
by: Anonymous

Do you have any actual credible proof to share with us besides what you've said. I mean if you do have all of this evidence you claim feel free to share it with the rest of us, but you sound more like someone on a slanderous rant. And to suggest that something does not exist purely because you're "research" doesn't show it is bit egotistical.

Stan's response: I've been to the cave. It is only a cave. Have you been there?

Dec 01, 2010
by: John Smith

Stan, Thanks so much for your response concerning the Metallic Library and the cave. I am sad to see a bunch of half wits promoting a lie for personal gain. Kind of sounds like a politician.

On another note have you ever seen or found any evidence of Akakor? The Indian who came from the jungle was real near as i can tell. But,i am really suspicious of any thing issued from Karl Brugger! Thanks for all your time and effort to answer the many mysteries of our world. John>:^)

Stan's response: Yes, Tatunca Nara is real and even served as a guide for a Jacques Cousteau expedition up the Amazon River.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Tatunca Nara is only a German ex-pat who speaks bad Portuguese and has absolutely nothing to do with a lost, advanced, ancient civilization. He is a total fraud who ran away from Germany because he owed alimony payments to an ex-wife.

Sorry, I always wanted that one to be true too.

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