Metal Detecting Groups in Grand Junction, Colorado?

by Diane
(Grand Junction, Co)

I am looking for a metal detecting group in a Grand Junction, Co. Are you aware of any?

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Metal Detecting Clubs in Grand Junction, Colorado
by: John Numbers

I would love to find out more about where it is legal to detect near Grand Junction. I also want to see if anyone is interested in going out and doing it I would love to meet new people with the detecting bug, and get out there!

Stan's response: Hi John, I'm not sure if you saw this post below. I made it in response to someone else's question about metal detecting around Grand Junction. I hope it helps...

Stan's response: Hi Andy, here is what I would do around Grand Junction in order to save time and get to the good stuff as soon as possible. You need to put your "investigator's hat" on for this...

1. I would acquire topographic, geological and historical maps for all of the areas that interest you. Pick up a notebook and pencil for taking notes and hand drawn maps.

2. I would contact all related local clubs and retail stores in order to meet experienced people and discover the best places to go for gold and treasure. Prepare to take notes (or record) on everything they say. Here are some web pages with maps, addresses and phone numbers to start you off...

3. Join clubs and meet people that you can go out into the field with for prospecting and metal detecting. Actually go out with them and see how they operate. What specifically separates the winners from the wannabes?

4. After your preliminary investigations and initial trips, prioritize a list of a dozen places or so to begin putting your boots on the ground by yourself or with a trusted friend.

Within about 3-6 months, you should have files of more places to go than you could ever visit in a lifetime.

Metal detecting club
by: J. Stewart

Diane did you have any luck locating a metal detecting club here in Grand Junction? I am interested as well. Feel free to email me at

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