Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets Around Cuenca: Yes or No?

by Bob
(Cuenca, Ecuador)

Hello, I am sure this question has been asked a dozen times or more. But, since I just found your website I guess I will have to pester you again with the same old question. Is it worth the time and effort to do gold nugget detecting around the Cuenca area? I just moved here in October and my neighbor and I were thinking of getting gold detectors and spend our time looking for gold. But we don't really know if it is worth the time and effort around Cuenca.

Your opinion and expertise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob

Stan's response: Hi Bob, Actually, No one has ever asked me that question before. It is a great question.

I have recently discovered that Cuenca is one big ancient river channel. I find ancient channel remnants and rounded boulders everywhere I go around the city. As I was tracing the channel the other day, I ended up finding some fine gold on top of a hill, just out of town on the way to Banos. The hill has some communications antennas on it.

That said, I have not yet had the time to investigate thoroughly. I don't yet know if there is any coarse gold to be found in Cuenca. I have also panned some fine gold in the Tomebamba and Yununcay Rivers, right in town. No nuggets yet.

It may or may not be a waste of time to look for gold nuggets in Cuenca with a metal detector.

Near Cuenca, there are some other interesting sites to investigate. I have seen signs of coarse alluvial gold near Gualeceo and near Sevilla de Oro, just beyond Paute. I am thinking of creating a gold prospecting workshop training course here if there is enough interest.

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Mar 03, 2019
Looking to Rent a Metal Detector in Ecuador
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm looking to rent a metal detector in Ecuador. Any advice on where I can go . I don't mind travelling to the location within the country. Thx for your response in advance

Feb 12, 2013
Workshop about Gold Prospecting in Cuenca?
by: Farwalker

Go for it! There is no substitute for experience,(Yours) Brain Digging can be profitable when one
begger is telling another begger where to find Bread.

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