Meeting in Quito this Week

Hi Stan, I was wondering if you had a little time to meet this coming Wednesday or Thursday? I am coming from North Peru to Quito on business. If you can meet with me please send your contact information to, and I will give you a call Tuesday morning when I cross the border.

I am interested in joining in on your projects, and would like to discuss upcoming projects in North Peru. Sorry if this is not the correct forum...

Capt. Keith

Stan's response: Great to hear from you Captain. Thursday morning would be best for me if that works for you. My home phone in Quito is 2244-276. My cellular number is: 082-728-130. My email address is

See you soon!

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Dec 19, 2011
by: Capt Keith

Hi Stan, I have motored the Research Vessel North to Ecuador, (Salinas)I am only here a couple of days, then I am heading back to N.Peru. Our project is going very well signed contracts with a major university and just received word that our Shipwreck survey project is a go...

I have tried to SKYPE You on several occasions with no luck. The last time I was in Lima I made it to the lands office and purchased maps of the Northern area of interest that we spoke about and hope to organize a trek into the Jungle, I have a good friend who's buddy ministers medical attention to the Natives, so we are planning to travel up river and make some contacts, and check out the area. If you are interested in a side adventure let me know. It will be the first half of 2012.
Take care, and have a great holiday season.

Hi Captain Keith,

Please send me an email whenever you would like to talk to me via Skype. Please give me about a 24-hours heads up before the call.

I would love to join your expedition. I would need about 30 days notice before we shove off. We definitely have lots to talk about!

Sep 27, 2010
Thursday Meeting
by: CK

Thanks Stan, Thursday AM is good for me. I will call and confirm in the morning.


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