Mayan Tablets Released by Mexican Government

This story reminds me of the series of books about Mu written by James Churchward in the earlier 1900's. The books speak of tablets discovered by David Niven in Mexico. Those books served as a great inspiration for my years of exploration that were to come after. Luckily, I am in touch with Churchward's grandson who follows a lot in his grandfather's passionate footsteps.

By Jonny Phoenix

July 29, 2012

At a recent conference, Dr. Nassin Haramein gave a presentation with others on previously classified Mayan tablets found by the Mexican government.

The government has now released some of the information for humanity, concluding that the events depicted in the tablet could either be an event from the past or an event to take place in the future.

The tablet shows clearly a planet with some type of habitable atmosphere, several ships, an extraterrestrial being, and more.

This could quite possibly be a message from the Mexican government in wake of the Mayan date December 21, 2012.

In the tablet one can make out a ship headed toward the planet (Earth) following a comet or massive object as another UFO or ship tries to deflect the object.

The UFO is emerging from the sun, this could signify a future change in the sun.

What is most interesting is that, these images depict contact with another race of space travelers.

I thought the video was fascinating. I hope you find it interesting too.

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