Lucky Man Finds 177oz. Gold Nugget

This is an amazing discovery from Australia. Just based on the weight alone, this nugget is worth more than a quarter million dollars. Collector value should push that number considerably higher.

An amateur prospector using a state of the art hand held Minelab GPX5000 super metal detector found this huge gold nugget, in what is being called the most significant find in 20 years.The estimated 300k gold nugget was found in Ballarat in Victoria's west on January 16th 2013.It was discovered lying flat at a depth just over 2 feet down.

It is extremely rare to find a nugget of this size says Cordell Kent, who owns a Mining Exchange Gold Shop in Ballarat,Cordell is a prospector and has been a dealer for two decades.He explains the man who found it had said it "sounded like the bonnet of a car through the headphones.

Mr. Kent is withholding the exact spot where the nugget was found.A lot of people think the area is dead,this surely proves otherwise.

This goes to show the importance of making sure that your search coil is working in areas where valuable things actually exist. You can be the best detectorist in the world with the best metal detector, but if you're not searching in the right places, nothing good can come of it.

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