The Lost City and Ancient Tunnel of Cojitambo

My Girlfriend Vicky, Climbing Up the Next Level with a Bat Between Us

August 5, 2012

We visited the site of another lost city this week. It is known as Cojitambo. It was built by one of the later phases of the Canari civilization which is quite well known for producing sophisticated, gold artifacts.

There was also reported to be an ancient tunnel entrance near the site. The zig-zagging tunnel is reported to extend a long distance underground northward to the site of yet another lost city.

After visiting the ruins, it took another hour of searching before we were able to locate the tunnel entrance. It is called "el Tunel de los Murcielagos", or, more easily said, "The Bat Tunnel". It didn't take long to figure out why the cave/tunnel is so appropriately named.

Stan Holding a Priceless Canari Gold Artifact

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