Lost Cities

by DJ
(Palm Coast, FL)

Are there still places in the world where lost cities still exist? It seems like governments want to get their hands on everything someone else has spent sometimes a lifetime discovering.

Stan's response: Great question DJ. The simple answer is: YES, there are still lost cities and extremely important archaeological sites that have not been discovered yet. Most of them lie in dense jungles around the world. The Amazon jungle is a great example of this.

I have found dozens of lost cities and major, unknown archaeological sites all around Central and South America. As I mentioned in a previous post, these discoveries are almost always the result of consulting with local Natives after arriving in very remote locations.

The conclusion here is that serious research can take you into "high possibility", remote areas, and consulting with locals can help you to pinpoint these sites.

In my experience, most of the governments around Latin America are so disorganized, they have never taken the time or interest to bother me with my investigations.

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