Looking for Prospecting Buddies

by Armando Paredes
(Macas, EC)

Hello everyone! My name is Armando and I live in Macas, Morona Santiago, EC. I have lived here for almost 4 years and just recently caught gold fever. Stan has been a great help with the info he provides. I was able to find some color in my pan in the last couple of weeks and guess what? I WANT MORE! Time for a sluice!

Anyway, with that being said, I am looking for like-minded friends who enjoy being outdoors and prospecting. I am 33, single and proud parent of 2 wonderful dogs. I was born in California and raised in Arizona and surprisingly as it may sound, I never prospected there! I have always had the interest for it but I never pulled the trigger or did any research until coming to Ecuador. Now that I am here, I work from home and that gives me time and freedom to explore and get outside the house a few times a week.

So I am building a sluice box and setting up a trip with a rafting guide to travel down the Upano river. The trip will be in about 2 weeks-June 16-18. (Unless it is raining too heavily, then we will postpone for the following weekend) I am very excited about it!!

So this is the un-official invitation for any fellow prospectors to join us. So far we have 3 people: rafting guide, spotter in kayak for safe passage and myself. We will have room for 3 others. If anyone is interested please contact me at ecuadorretreatcenter@gmail.com

Hope you can join us!!

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