Living a free and independent lifestyle - a vision blurred...

by Wojtek Bobilewicz
(Warsaw, Poland)

Stan has asked a question on how we would envisage our lives and activities if we had a million dollars (or ten) and no financial headaches whatsoever till the end of our days.

Well, I guess everyone has their own response to that, but what may be common to all of us is that we would like to live a life of freedom, independence, self-completion, adventure...

Adventure may mean different things to us, but in my case this would be a life of endless expeditions, some of them only three- or four-weeks-long, and some lasting for months, depending on the aim of the expedition and the country (or countries), natural dangers and difficulties, etc.

Everyone (well, most people anyway) loves traveling, but most do it for the sake of traveling alone. Some take a suitcase and spend two weeks in a five-star hotel, not once venturing out of the hotel further than 100 or 200 yards.

Some take a backpack/rucksack, and spend weeks or months cutting through a deep jungle, climbing high peaks or taking a canoe down a roaring river or stream. I am impartial to any of those (and other) ways of traveling, but in my case a travel - even the most arduous, difficult, strenuous, frustrating, hellish, to the remotest regions of the world - wouldn't mean much if it didn't have a PURPOSE.

And I do not mean an achievement for achievement's sake (such as climbing "the crown of the world" or walking through the whole expanse of Darien with a million mosquitoes per square inch and the fighting guerrillas), even though some of these really do require bravery and need respect.

In my case the purpose means one of the two things: either charity or discovery. Charity to me means walking, riding, cycling or otherwise traversing some region, country or continent in order to raise funds for the needy people (both adults and children) or animals.

Assuming I had all that money at my disposal, I could simply donate and clear my conscience. But the value of a gift increases manifold if it is got the hard way.

So, I would like other people to sit in their armchairs and donate when I would be spilling blood, sweat and tears. With all that money I could pay for all the equipment, visas, permits etc. and BASIC accommodation. I could afford having an Internet site, I could afford to pay the billboard companies to advertise the trip so that more people are aware of the cause, I could even pay for a documentary to be made each time I travel.

This would be a perfect combination of learning the world and having endless holidays with a worthy cause and helping other beings while instilling (hopefully), in the general public, a need to be part of it as well.

Now, when it comes to discovery and exploration, it is an entirely different thing altogether. This time the concentration would be not on HELPING other people, but rather on making them aware that the reality they/we live in is not necessarily the only or the proper one. Because the object of my exploration would not be some remote tribe living in an almost inaccessible jungle (which is not to say such exploration is not fascinating and that new knowledge cannot be extracted from such expeditions), but rather trying to "chase" all that in the common opinion is at best "weird", at worst "freaky" or "loonie". What I mean are ancient, as yet unexplored (or even unconfimred!) temples, ruins, tunnels, pyramids etc.

What I mean are crypto-zoological beings, and especially the likes of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Alma, Yowie etc. What I mean are strange lights that of unknown or unconfirmed origin are REGULARLY seen in some places. Obviously some of these are more ephemeral than some others. But the aim of the expeditions would be to try and pinpoint, observe and REGISTER such places, beings and phenomena by using the modern scientific/observation/registration equipment.

This is especially important in such places where the locals repeatedly talk of something strange (and I know of quite many such placs in the world), and I am very much inclined to believe more the locals who have the wisdom and knowledge of the years and generations, than the scientists who have not spent 300 years among those locals and yet claim that such native stories are only a myth, a legend... The end result(s) could not only be mapping/charting such a diversity of hitherto unknown, unexplained or unconfirmed places, beings and phenomena, but also opening the global human consciousness to a completely different paradigm than the one they have been led to believe.

Finally, I would also spend my money to build myself A Perfectly Clean House. I would situate this somewhere near a river or stream and close to some woods or jungle, in a clearing. It would be all built of natural or recycled resources.

All the energy and other needs would be met by means of solar, wind, and water energy, but that is not all: I would also experiment (or have someone experiment) on what is called zero-point energy, i.e. taking energy (electricity, heat etc.) directly from what the greatest genius of all times, Nicola Tesla, called the "Ether".

I know there ARE such projects underway and I would not mind funding these to keep them going, so that I (and all of the people) could use such free energy, finally freeing ourselves from energy that is produced by consuming and polluting the air, the Earth, and our lives and health, energy that costs increasingly more and more and more money for us consumers to produce and use.

Also, the sewage system in my house would be absolutely clean, as I know it can be done, seeing work on it underway at the... International Museum of Toilets in Delhi, India! I know what "marvels" can be made from something as disgusting and mundane as human excrement, and it struck me how easily we can have gas for cooking or lighting these garden lamps, fertilizer to help those plants grow (on orgonite, of course).

Ugh, what a dreamer am I, right? An incurable dreamer, dreaming impossible dreams...? Dreams of a free life and a different society, dreams of a completely clean environment... But perhaps if there were more such dreamers and dreams could be put into action, we would live in a better world...

Now, this vision is blurred not by seemingly unsurmountable obstacles in the way of reaching the dreamed-of goals, but by some personal, family and financial factors, of which some I have outlined elsewhere on this site...

Best regards to all of you Dreamers far and close, those who already have found ways, ideas and courage to make a leap forward, and those who still hesitate or who are still held in place by the invisible tentacles of the Matrix. People like Stan show us that anything is possible, even though sometimes the price may be steep.

Wojtek, Poland

Stan's response: I always love what you write Wojtek, and I love the way you think. It looks we were cut out of very similar molds.

I sincerely hope to evolve this web site into something very useful that helps you achieve your worthy goals and dreams.

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