Live Workshop / Learning Holiday

by Franz

I would like to ask you if you ever thought about or think it would make sense to offer a kind of workshop, live course, holiday package, whatsoever you call it?

The reasons why I ask are connected to my personal experiences, but maybe somebody else had the same.

1.Information overload through computer/online working.

I spend already a couple of hours a day in front of a computer, doing some necessary tasks, staying in contact with friends, learning etc. and I have the feeling that "just" reading another book or another blog or whatsoever hasn't that much of an impact even with very good content.

2.Programming myself negatively about learning

Back aching, eyes tired, head full of info kind of starts to programm myself negative about learning more. A workshop would kind of work on all levels = having a walk/hike and learning something "on the way" would mean positive conditioning, exercise, fresh air, fun and the learning itself. Then, a few hours with a small group or one-on-one in front of a computer to learn about setting up a selling website etc.

3.Learning by doing.

I read a couple of things about webdesign etc., but as a right-brainer I have a lot of distance to computers. It's much simpler if somebody takes me by the hand and actually does things together with me, be it using your trading system, creating passive income, reconditioning, create a selling webpage etc.

4.Having "all at once"

Sure you can go out learn about webdesign, but I doubt that most courses understand what I'm looking for = financial freedom through multiple sources of income = a simple, but bestselling site. Then learning about the mental process of getting free. Then healthy living which is an important part of freedom/happiness.

What I would be looking for is a one or two week course which has a bit of everything - positive reconditioning, brainstorming in a group to find unique possibilities for every member, bringing it into action so that everybody has at the end a basic webpage, that actually creates first passive money and is living proof, that it works and is worth to spend more time on, new friends or a group you can share ideas, skills after the workshop, a good time with hikes, hot springs, a little prospecting, working with a highbanker whatsoever.

Do you think something like this would be possible or possible for an affordable price?

Or did you ever hear about a course like that, took part yourself?

Thank you for your thoughts on that topic.

Stan's response: Franz, I think that is one of the best ideas that I have heard in a long time. I am ready, willing, able and loaded with all of the information ready to teach what you mentioned above.

I only lack one thing!

I don't have the time to promote and organize such an event. I do have the time to do the event, but not to organize it.

I need a partner. I need someone with the interest and skills who would like to oerganize this. In fact, I would love to do these types of events on a regular basis, if I could only find that partner.

This partnership could easily turn into a full-time profession for my partner because there is a lot of interest out there in adventure travel/workshops.

Know of anyone?

Comments for Live Workshop / Learning Holiday

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Jun 21, 2010
Thoughts about workshop/holiday
by: Franz

Glad you like the idea and I hope the right people will come together to run them.

At the moment I'm still busy with healing myself and overcome this "poor money conditioning" which was part of getting sick, so even it would be very tempting to team up with you, I think there are people out there who make a much better partner at this. If I run into somebody suitable I'll be glad to let you know.

In longer term thinking I could imagine to run a kind of "base camp" in an interesting area where you and guests can find facilities = accomodation, internet access, laserprinter/binder, classroom goldprospecting tools for hire/sale, transport, tours in the area etc. Maybe that could be something at the right time ?

For the more adventurous trips I don't know enough to give a decent comment.

For the trips with focus on getting financially free, learn to organize your on adventures etc. I think they groups should be relatively small, so you could really focus on the personal need of people and find a way to jump start the success of somebody.

I personally would pay more for a course like that, as I'd see it as an investment, that has a high chance to give good dividends soon. I guess I wouldn't pack too much traveling and exhausting activities into it and focus more on teaching skills mixed with great nature, short trips to refresh, to use Spanish in praxis or to show in praxis, that financially free doesn't mean necessarily a lot of money in the bank.

The best example for that was in Misahualli where I asked a guide to see native people smallscale mining at the Napo. His answer: "At the moment you don't see many as they don't need money now. You better come when the school starts again and they need money for books,uniforms etc."

I thought by myself, "what a free living that must be when you have the gravel bars of the river in front of you as your "bank unlimited". No worries about, recession,bank crashes, hyperinflaton etc. - you need money you work, if you don't you do whatever you like or you like the exercise anyway, you do it a couple of hours a day, while learning/listing to music through your mp3 player. A bit different than passive income through a webshop,trading system etc., but also great.

Stan's response: As always Franz, I love and appreciate your comments. You would certainly be an ideal partner. I hope we can work on something together one day.

Your comments about the Natives in Napo are right on the mark. I have tried to explain the Native attitude toward gold mining to my friends for years. Almost nobody believes me. It is such a totally different way of thinking than the rest of the "first world".

The Natives step out the door and pan for a few hours whenever they need money. Like you said, the rest of the time they are free to do whatever they want.

Anyone out there care to change their lifestyle a bit?

Jun 20, 2010
by: Rob in Arizona

Well, I was very interested in reading the last two posts! I would like to have your information, Stan, on what you are looking for in a 'partner' for these types of things, as I think that might fit into what I am currently looking for! If you'd like to contact me to discuss this idea, please contact me on my personal email.

It's a great idea!
Rob in AZ

Stan's response: Just over a year ago, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger - approached me and suggested putting together a tour. He said he could promote the tour to his substantial list of subscribers. I liked the idea and offered some possibilities for a good adventure tour. He chose one of my options and we ran with it.

The 1-week tour worked out very successfully. Everyone was pleased with the results, both participants and, Mike and I.

Basically, I would like for someone to organize a tour of their own design and in their own name. I am happy to offer lots and lots of options, places, activities, etc.

That person would promote the tour (fill all the spots), collect the money, make all of the arrangements, ie. hotel, food, transportation, etc. Obviously, I have lots of contacts to work with in Ecuador, so half of the task is basically already complete.

I would like to guide, teach, show, share, answer questions and handle each day's activities. I am willing to take the group (5 - 20 participants) to places that nobody knows of and show them things that no tourists ever get to see.

The tours could be low budget, high end, or anything in between. We could do half day workshops mixed with hikes, or we could do a 3-day workshop mixed with a 1-week expedition, or ???. Anything is possible.

Please email me Rob if you have some good ideas. Anyone else care to give some input about the possibilities?

Jun 20, 2010
Love the idea of a workshop.
by: Jason

Brilliant idea. Hopefully an organized, business oriented person will contact Stan. What do you think you would charge for a course like that, Stan?

I am also more of a hands on kind of person as far as learning goes, and my guess is many people are similar.


Stan's response: My fee would be extremely small in comparison to the costs of travel. That said, in Module 5 of our e-Course, we will be discussing how to travel the world inexpensively, so a very reasonably priced tour package could be put together by the right person.

It would be possible to produce a number of these tour packages at different prices depending on what the participants would like. We have many different types of activities that could be offered here in Ecuador too - everything from gold prospecting to lost cities to ancient mysteries to ???? The sky is the limit.

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