Life! What Makes it Worth Living Afterall?

by Jeffrey Elliott

Ok, I'm sure by now we all would agree that all people in general want to be financially free. Wherever that may be, is where you hang your hat.

As for me, I prefer to become financially free here, in the stateside of the great USA! And we all know that this great country USA has it's fair share of ups and downs, perhaps mostly downs with it's people being taxed to death and never being able to truly get ahead in this crazy game of life.

So, my question to everyone in this forum is:

What drives people to live or not to live outside the square box in terms of living life in general?

My drive, goal or aspiration is to succeed in life by the search for gold itself. This is what drives me to attain a certain degree of success, if that makes any sense to anyone here.

Are people afraid to think and perhaps live outside the box? Are they just plain used to the everyday doldrums of life, being just content or happy to pay their bills in order to survive this game of life? This is ok, and in itself, a certain degree of success by their standards I guess.

We all have to have that a certain ray of hope or something to motivate us to make it to the next day, week, month, and year. And, I guess everyone would have a different answer with their own dreams, goals, and/or aspirations... Example: Taking care of one's family through life. So, feel free to join in and share what drives you all to succeed in whatever it is!

I know without putting religion in the mix of this conversation would perhaps be unfair, but I also know that God does strengthen me to carry on with my hopes and dreams!

Sincerely, Jeff Elliott

Stan's response: Thank you for getting right to the heart of what The Wealthy Adventurer's Club is really all about, Jeffrey. Your post is a great contribution here.

I think too many people are asleep and have become complacent. They go to work every week doing something they don't really like to do. They do this, just to pay the bills and to get by.

The purpose of our community here is to help people break out of the system and become free. We promote a life of fun, adventure, freedom and independence. Becoming financially free is the backbone to all of this.

Many of us aspire to produce our wealth by finding gold, treasure, or simply living life, doing what we love to do each day.

To this end, I will be making an important announcement this Wednesday (Jan 20) in my newsletter and in my first Adventure Blog.

Again, thank you Jeffrey for getting right to the point of an issue that is near and dear to us all! And, thanks for the great photo of you in our beautiful Mother Nature.

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Wojtek My Man! Life is About Priorities!
by: Jeffrey Elliott

I know exactly where you're coming from when it comes to family and priorities. When my mom died in 2011 at the age 75, I decided to take care of my papa at home. It was 4 and a half years he lived past mom and he died September 13 of 2015.

So, I didn't have the privilege of going out very much and doing any treasure hunting but maybe 1 or 2 days out the month, if that.

But, I was blessed physically to be able to take care of my papa and it drew me closer to him and I wouldn't trade that time for anything in the world, even the confederate gold that I'm chasing!

Like someone said on here, I'm keeping my eyes on the prize and being persistent!

What Drives Me Most to Lead a Free Lifestyle?
by: Wojtek, Poland

In my case, it is the Quest for the Truth. Granted, I (nobody) will ever know THE Truth, most likely, as everyone's truth may be slightly different. Yet, there are some things that one can say that either exist or don't, irrespective of your general outlook on life, religion, the society or the so-called "unexplained" phenomena.

What drives me is to attempt, at the very least or worst, to chase such things and make them known. It does not matter whether these are alleged Giant dwellings in the Solomon Islands, the Mokele-Mbembe or other cryptids in West and Central Africa, an ancient city deep in the jungles of South America etc. A hunt for these elusive things is what drives me most. And if I don't ever find or discover any of those? Well, some say that chase is more fun than catch, so...

However, there are two things that very successfully prevent me from doing that, from leading a free and independent life (in fact there are more than two, but the remaining ones are more personal).

One of them is lack of any funds whatsoever. Now, it is not that I don't believe in stories about gold in Ecuador or other places in South (or North) America. It is not even that know next to nothing about gold mining, dredging etc.

But, there are the following things: to search for gold in Ecuador (or elsewhere), I would need to leave my country (Poland) permanently. Leaving not just my family and friends, but leaving absolutely everything behind, loves, friendships, acquaintances, family, books, all the people and all the things that I love or have grown to like or who/that have become part of my life.

This is an immensely difficult decision. Moreover, it so happened that for quite some time, I am the only person who must and can take care of my elderly mother who grows ever older, weaker, frailer etc. If I leave permanently, thousands of miles away from her, there is nobody else to do anything for her.

One more thing. I also believe that gold-hunting is a bit a game of luck. Some people, sometimes, will find a big deposit that may even set them for life or half of life. Most people, most of the time, will only find infinitesimally small deposits - or nothing at all. And while gold retains its value which is more or less steady and not as fluctuating as money or securities, I believe finding it is not as likely.

Another issue that I have actually mentioned already is my family situation that actually prevents me from doing what I would like to do most (even if I had all the money in the world), no matter if it is gold prospecting or looking for the Ropen, or finding an entrance to Col. Fawcett's city of "Z", or anything else. Such things require leaving the country not for a day, not for a week, and not even for a month. These would have to be full-fledged expeditions of between two and six months in duration. But: HOW?

Either I am so unintelligent and cannot think of any rational way of finding a solution to this situation, or there isn't really such a solution. Either way, I am driven but stand still. Imagine the frustration pent up inside...

And yet... Recently I've read in my friend's book (in Polish, but perhaps will also be published in English) that life is for living it to the fullest, for making oneself a full, complete, person who has realized, or is realizing one's dreams and passions, who simply is happy. I wish I could be on the other side of that invisible barrier that divides the world of fulfillment and happiness from the world of drab and dreary, or just plainly ordinary, life...

Stan's response: My good friend Wojtek, it is so good to hear from you and to be able to receive your message. I believe your message resonates with many of us here. I really do admire your adventurous spirit. I also admire your level of maturity and sense of responsibility.

Tomorrow, I plan to share a glimpse of what I have planned as a major area of focus for our community over the coming year and more. It has to do with sharing specific tools that will help all of those who may be interested, to establish and build a portable and comfortable income.

Getting free of the system financially is probably the single biggest hurdle that many of us face. It is time to fix that.

Again Wojtek, your presence and contribution here is greatly appreciated!

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