Life On My Terms

by Tim
(New York )

Hi Folks, The urge to adventure has been with me for as long as I can remember... that's potentially why I came to earth to begin with.

Anyway, that doesn't matter now. What I'm curious about is hunting precious metals and the like, with a metal detector, throughout central and South America.

I want a detector that can pack down small enough and be discrete enough to keep a low profile, yet still function effectively.

I am looking to this community for ideas in regards to this style of detector. (Waterproof is a plus). What do you suggest?

Also, if anyone has leads on some "hot spots" for gold nuggets in Mexico, it would be greatly appreciated.

Just a little more info, I will be hitch hiking from Dallas to Tierea del Fuego if all works out. Maybe we can meet along the way!?

Cheers and good tidings! Tim

Stan's response: Welcome Tim, I see you just joined our Club. I am really looking forward to suggestions about a good detector for you from our group.

I'll soon be releasing a new e-course about gold finding from Alaska to Chile. I think that even my promotional comments will be of value to you about places to search for gold nuggets along the way.

Please let us know if you have any more questions as you prepare for your huge, exciting trip!

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To Tim NY!
by: Lost Adams

If you are just dead set on getting a Beeper (metal detector), then the new ATX by Garrett is very good. I have watched it find a 10 gram piece I threw out in the gravel to test the machines.

The Mine-lab 2000 Could have found the piece, but the other 2 guys gave up too early.

Both are PI (pulse induction) machines and that is what you will have to find this stuff where you're going. If you want to stick with a VLF then the Gold Bug II Can't be beat for the price, with the small elliptical coil.

As I have said before you need to go to the treasure hunting forums and Read, Read, Read, Read, and ask questions and team up with some old timers near you.

There is just no easy, "quick fix" way to become successful at this "trade". This is a lifestyle and Way of Life. You would be better off getting hooked on drugs and then going to treatment to get clean, than "Letting the Gold-bug Bite You". There is NO CURE, except Death for this affliction.

Bill "Lost Adams"

Stan's response: I'm still looking for the "cure", but can't find it.

To Tim in NY!
by: Lost Adams


If I was going to backpack on this trip, I wouldn't be taking a metal detector. A detector is easily convertible into cash by thieves.

Plus, you would have to have support supplies, i.e. battery charger, preferably solar, to charge with USB port ++.

You would be better off spending money on education, and then, how to use a gold pan. If metal, it could be used as a cooking pot/skillet or a wash pan.

With a medium plastic 90 degree riffle pan, you can use it in the desert areas without water. You will need a pick of some sort and a shovel of some sort.

The course Stan is getting ready to release would be your best Investment in this adventure.

Your education and practical experience in the use of these tools and processes don't weight anything and can't be stolen from you. They can usually be bought in most hardware stores in medium to large cities so you wouldn't have to pack them with you between dead, nonproductive areas and if you find gold, they could be left there when you moved on.

I posted in another area here how to prepare for a trip like this.

Forgot to mention.......the trash!
by: Karl

Thanks Bill for pulling me back to earth on the PI's (pulse inductions) picking up everything. I should have mentioned that in a trashy area you will give your digging muscles quite a work-out.

I was fortunate enough to find an area on my last trip that didn't have all the nails, bullets, empty casings and other requisite trash that goes along with this electronic prospecting and had fairly forgotten all the other journeys that turned up 10-30 pieces of junk for every piece of gold.

I'm going to check into this AT-Gold thing and if I can pick one up I'll try swinging one just to test it out.

Surplus Mine Detector
by: Karl

Welcome aboard ole bean, buckle up and prepare for a fun bumpy ride. I would suggest you try finding one of the more recent military surplus mine detectors.

I have been testing the Vallon VMC-1 compact and the Vallon VMH3CS with all three coils for gold. These are very rugged and the VMC-1 compact will pick up the tiniest pieces of gold and gets good depth on bigger nuggets. These babies are waterproof down to 10 feet so a rain storm or drop in the creek won't even phase them.

Another brand, CEIA are coming on the market pretty regular and the old Minelab mine detector along with the newer Minelab and Garrett models are also viable gold machines. They can be picked up at a fraction of what a top end PI machine can be purchased for.

You'll hear a lot of pooh-pooh about them, but they are made to pick up "minimal metal" mines in highly diverse and mineralized soils around the world and the UXO programs or models are for picking up larger unexploded ordnance, ideal for bigger pieces of gold at depth.

I personally like the Vallon VMH3CS with the elliptical coil, the round coil and the large round UXO coil. Essentially 2 detectors in one.

All the best in your new venture and may you be stricken with a terminal case of gold known cure that I've been able to come up with but then again I'm not really trying very hard to get over it.

Stan's response: I feel sick reading your suggestions Karl... "gold sick" that is...

Good Waterproof VLF Detector
by: Bill

Hello, I have had many detectors. But, like you said, I have really come to appreciate "waterproof" here in Ecuador.

My vote for best detector is the Garret AT GOLD. It is waterproof, light and believe me, light is very important if you're going to swing a detector for hours on end.

Also, I go "way in" to camp out and having a detector that takes regular batteries is really a plus because it is very difficult to recharge batteries in the bush.

So, the AT Gold wins for me. Discrimination is a nice plus of the AT GOLD also. Pulse detectors will go deeper, like the Minelab, but you dig a lot of trash.

You may feel there will be no trash in the bush, but that's just not the case. Horseshoes, nails, bullets and candy wrappers are everywhere. You name it and I have hiked it for days and still find trash.


Stan's response: Thank you for your help Bill. Greatly appreciated.

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