Level of Experience with Gold Prospecting in Glacial Ohio?

by Joe Kollar
(Ashland, OH)

Greetings... Frankly I am skeptical of anyone claiming to be able to guarantee finding daily a quarter (troy?) ounce of gold in in placer locations where you MIGHT get a flake or 2 in a claim area with a weekends' work.

Ever try your techniques in Ohio? What resulted?

Joe Kollar
Ashland, OH

Stan's response: Hi Joe, Frankly, I am skeptical of anyone who guarantees anything in this life, especially when it comes to finding gold!

Everyone is different. Some people are smarter, harder workers and more persistent than others. Some people seem to be just plain lucky. You never know who is going to take an opportunity and really do something with it. Most people don’t do much.

I certainly hope that you don't think that I have made any guarantee that everyone in the world can simply step outside their door each morning and find 1/4 ounce of gold before noon. I am sure that you know that is not how it works.

All I can guarantee is what I know how to do. Finding a quarter ounce of gold each day is not an easy skill to acquire. It takes lots of smarts (research), hard work and tremendous persistence to learn how to do it.

First, you have to know where to go. Next, you have to know what to do. And, third, you have to keep at it with boots on the ground until you figure it all out. This seems to be a combination that Mother Nature requires in order to hand over the goodies.

I may not be as smart as other prospectors. It took me about 5 years of initial, "full-time" prospecting work to start getting it right. Then it took about another 5 years to stop making silly mistakes. Finally, I could say that I was able to find 1/4 oz. of gold per day (often much more) in over a dozen locations and in several different countries.

As far as placer gold in Ohio goes, you really have the odds stacked against you. If I wanted to net 1/4 oz of gold per day, I certainly wouldn’t do it with placer gold in Ohio. I would likely buy junk gold from people in the big city and then supplement that with metal detecting gold jewelry in strategic locations.

That said, I understand there are a very few experts (ask Mr. Lassiter if he knows someone) who have figured out placer gold in Ohio. But, it is very rare.

Developing the skill of acquiring (netting) 1/4 oz. of gold every day, in some form, implies you have to work smart. You have to go to where the good gold is and you have to stack the odds in your favor.

I have had my best successes in California, Arizona, Brazil and Ecuador. I have learned that I have to go to geological zones where there is plenty of "predictable" gold present; near where some other people are already making a living. It hasn’t been easy but it has been a lot fun.

Joe, this is the first time we have discussed glacial gold in this forum. I thank you for bringing up the subject. I hope we can continue to discuss it more often. The geology behind it is fascinating.

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Vindication and EYES Wide Open!
by: Lost Adams

Joe, I have been doing this since the 1970's and have found that there is 4 things I HAVE to HAVE in order to Succeed in this Business.

1. Patience
2. Persistence
3. Prudence
4. Perseverance

I know that only 30% of all the gold has been found on this world.

So, all I have to do is NOT GO to the SAME Ol'e Hammered out Places that Everyone else had hit HARD with All the Old and New Technology.

I have found that I NEED to STOP Thinking like EVERY One Else and to Think Outside the BOX. That means that I have to Educate Myself on All the Old Methods of Mining, This Allows Me to Recognize where other People have mined when I get there.

Then I have to Figure out What they were Doing and SEE if I can do Something Different or With Newer Different Technology to Recover What THEY Left. As an Example, A 99 year old Exploration Geologist Friend of mine found a 450 oz pocket in 1938. He told me that he got 4-5 ozs in 4 days work looking for it for the old man he was working for.

I have had to educate myself on "Pocket Hunting" so I can SEE what that Means. I have found out that he only was able to take 10 samples a day, from the mountain side, and take them down to the Creek and pan them out.

So at 10 samples a day X 4 days that is 40 samples = 4 ozs. or 80 dwt / 40 pans = 2 dwt per pan. So I know at the present day price of $1200 that he was getting $120.00 PER Pan. from what the rest of the Story is I have figured out that

ALL The Gold that BLEED Down the Hill from the Pocket is STILL THERE. Figure out what that INFO is Worth and Now Think outside the BOX, and What IS THIS HillSide Placer Worth????

Bill "Lost Adams"

Apology accepted, Bill!
by: Joe Kollar

Apology accepted Bill I hope it turned out OK for the family member. May s/he have vindicae desuper--vindication from above!

It's going to be a good weekend for staying in and studying terrain here.


Gold Prospecting Update from Ohio
by: Joe Kollar

Ok, since I started out as skeptic, y'all ought to know about "My Conversion". I went with a buddy of mine whose got the gold bug bad to a site he said had a lot of black sand and kind of secluded. I packed up and headed out with my sons. I wasn't expecting any finds, I was just going to have a look/see and what kind of rocks were there.

There was lots of quartz, granite or gneiss, other metamorphic rock. I don't know if this was alluvial or quarry deposit; signs of recent wash flooding.

The small creek/river running there had a shallow (wadeable) rocky bottom and was a spot frequented by fishers. I went to a wood pile at the water edge of a gravel bend and brought in a lot of black sand with a single bowl. This wasn't even the spot my friend mentioned.

I went upstream to a single rock riffle, lifted out a main stone, shoveled a sample into my bowl, and bang, a flake! I knew it was the right spot, I just expected to work a whole lot more for it!

So yesterday I decided to make a homemade gold cube with vortex matting and ordered the matting, glass vials, and a falcon md20. I am psyched.

My Apologies To Joe!
by: Lost Adams

Dear Joe Kollar (Ashland, OH), I apologize if I offended you with my response to your "Question" about "Gold Prospecting in Glacial Ohio?".

I was up Late and had just spent 3 days helping a family member move into their new house, and was exhausted and frustrated with their old landlord saying they would have to pay for $6,000 worth of "damage" they had caused, which wasn't true.
I shouldn't have responded in the TERSE manner I did.

But, in all fairness to Stan, he gave all you Ohioans a way to get a 1/4 oz of gold a day. The easiest is to buy and sell Scrap Gold. All you need is an GT-3000 Electronic Gold Tester by Tri-Electronics for a couple hundred bucks and you can start going to Garage Sales and Estate Sales to buy Gold and Silver rings and jewelry.

Then you can refine it yourself or ship it to a refiner in "Big Enough Lots", as small lots eat up your profits in fees & shipping.

You may want to get an Electronic Gem Tester also so you can tell if the "Diamonds" are Zircon or real. You'll have to ID other gems also.

But, you have to get there early and maybe get there the day before to beat the competition. But, at least you aren't having to learn how to check for valid Mining Claims so you don't get shot as a Claim Jumper or have to find open ground to work on for placer mining.

You can then use your profits and vacation in a place that has lots of Placer Gold.

The other "sure way" to get your 1/4 oz a day is to get a White's Surfmaster Pro PI metal detector, take your profits and vacation in Florida or LA Beaches, or even in The US Virgin Islands on their beaches.

I guarantee that you will be able to get your 1/4 oz++ a day. But, you it wouldn't be wise to just melt those pieces of jewelry for scrap. You need to learn to clean, repair, and polish them and sell them in Flea Markets or Gold and Gem Shows. All jewelry is marked up by 1,000% over cost.

I don't know why anyone hasn't responded to my post on Sand & Sea. I have told the group that anyone who will follow the directions in that post, I would tell you the secret to recovering 3 gal buckets full of coins and jewelry in a week or a month, depending on your location! But no takers yet, so I guess no one believes it can be done.

Bill "Lost Adams"

It Takes Work to Find Gold!
by: Lost Adams

Dear Joe Kollar (Ashland, OH),

Stan DID NOT GUARANTEE anything in his OFFER to Show you how to find 1/4 oz of gold per day. He offered to show/tell you his HARD EARNED Secrets on how he or someone he knew of did the same.

I had to reread the following to make sure of what was offered and what was intended is thus.



Then, I promise to show you Eight Different Ways you can Find a Quarter Ounce of Gold a Day.

1. Alluvial "Gold Sniping"
2. Hardrock Gold Sniping and Detecting
3. Nugget Shooting with a Metal Detector "Placer"
4. Metal Detecting for Gold Coins and "Gold Jewelry"
5. Lost and Hidden Gold around the House and the Neighborhood "Cache's"
6. Black Sand Buying and Processing
7. Gold Dredging
8. Gold - 50% Off! "Scrap Gold"


Nowhere on that page did I see Stan "GUARANTEE" "YOU" would be able to go out to ANY Stream in or near "Ashland, OH" and find a 1/4 oz. of placer gold in your rivers or streams.

What he did offer is to tell you his "Secrets" on how to THINK Outside The BOX and where there is gold everywhere around you just for the picking.

But you have to LEARN Where it is. I have used Every One of the Above 8 methods in the last 40+ years and have been able to Achieve Much More than a 1/4 oz of Au in a day. BUT it Took Work and Patience and Perseverance to LEARN the Skills required to get Proficient at my NEWLY Chosen Trade.

ANYONE who thinks they can just walk outside their front door and Get a 1/4 oz a Day of ANY Type of Au Without Paying Their Dues is Not living on THIS Planet. But I can Make the Guarantee that IF you take the Time to Learn any one or All of the Above Methods Stan Offers, You Will be able to Achieve the Results he Says on his page.


"That’s it. Those are my best tips for places to find "satisfying quantities" of gold starting immediately".


I truly think you owe Stan a Public Apology for your opening Statement that He is A Liar!

Bill "Lost Adams"

PS. for anyone wishing to email me just FLAME Away at wva063@gmail.com

Stan's response: Thank you for your comments Bill. Thanks for sticking up for me.

That said, no offense was taken from Joe's skepticism. I don't think he came right out and called me a liar (close, but not quite). It is ok to be skeptical, especially of some things I say from time to time.

Of course, your comments are quite accurate Bill. I know that some of us here have been through the school of hard knocks in order to learn certain lessons. And as we have learned, finding the gold is no cakewalk, especially in those first years.

I hope we can keep up the dialog with you, Joe. I would love to discuss more about glacial gold. Some people out there have actually figured out some pretty Ninja secrets about glacial gold in the North and the Mid-West. and I would love to know more about those tricks.

Quarter Ounce of Gold a Day
by: Jeffrey Elliott

Stan is right! Perhaps in Arizona, California, and Alaska, you could possibly find a quarter ounce of gold in an 8 to 10 hour day working basically like a mule.

Nugget form or placer makes no difference because at the end of that 8 to 10 hour day, it's the weight of the gold that you're after.

And yes, you can get lucky as some people do. Here in Virginia, you would have to dredge your ass off in the right location in that 8 to 10 hour day and you might recover that quarter ounce or more. And you might recover less, depending on your location and luck.

Gold Prospecting is no get rich quick scheme by no means! What it is though, is a lot of hard work and perseverance. If it's the sheer enjoyment of the great outdoors and the search itself of the gold you're after, then you'll enjoy every minute of it.

And much good luck in your pursuit of that elusive yellow metal that gives us all the gold fever cause there is no cure I promise you that!

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