Let the Games Begin!

February 1, 2012

After getting fully funded for our new gold mining venture, I moved to Cuenca and immediately set out to track down some of my old mining contacts from the good (bad) old Hampton Court days, 15 years ago.

Soon, I was meeting with geologists, lawyers, accountants and engineers around the country, all friends of mine from the past. I began formulating a new strategy to discover, develop and mine a great property better than I had ever done before.

The first thing that I determined that I would do differently than Hampton Court had stupidly done is to order up a brand new, modern day, efficient wash plant. The front-end classification system would have to wait until the right property was discovered and could be matched to the type and size of the material. The new wash plant will use jigs and spiral concentrating bowls for good fine gold recovery. We will use no mercury and no chemicals. This will be an eco-clean, water and gravity recovery system.

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