Legendary ‘Lost City Of The Monkey God’ To Be Excavated By Scientists

by Jim
(Somewhere in California)

Wow! On the news today-- finally something good other than the Powerball 1.5 Billion gone and won, crazy fanatics attacking more places, and Professor Snape died today from cancer!

Lost city to be excavated!!

In Honduras a lost city to be excavated by the government in partnership with Colorado State Univ. archaeology dept.

It was found in the 1940's but that is a story in itself.

I do not believe Theodore Morde committed suicide. The story on that sounds unlikely, especially with his background in life.

I am not sure if it is okay to put a link here so I will refer people to the mainstream news. Cheers

Stan's response: Thanks Jim. In the future, links are ok to post here. I posted this story in our Wealthy Adventurer's Magazine for all to see.

Back in the early 80's I did some roaming around up the Paulaya River in the Mosquito Coast of Honduras. I was aware of the lost city then, but could not get much info from the local Natives on it. This is very interesting news for me!

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