Lack of money, knowledge and poor physical conditioning.

by Jeff Griffin
(Salem, Oregon, USA)

I'm retired and single. I have the time and the desire to go treasure hunting. The problem is that I lack the funds to travel anywhere, and I don't have the practical knowledge to search or to apply toward finding treasure.

I'm mostly interested in searching for gemstones; emeralds from Columbia, diamonds from Paraiba and also other precious stones in Brazil.

I have considered going on a "Gemstone Treasure Adventure" (A guided adventure) in Madagasger. With this company, you view some of the mines, but you do not mine, you do not buy stones at the mine.

Instead, the company will set it up with the miners and some brokers to come to your camp or hotel where the stones are inspected and the acceptable stones are bartered over and if an agreed price can be found, the stones are purchased.

I've also contemplated taking my brother up on using his apartment in Thailand. I would have to hire a guide who speaks both Thailandese, and English and is a bit shady. I want to purchase Burmese rubies, Thai rubies and sapphires.

While I'm primarily a gemstone hunter/buyer, I would love to learn how to find gold and silver and be able to actually find gold/silver in a large enough qualtity to pay for my trip.

I'm not a real "sightseer". I have no desire to find lost cities unless there is a high probably of finding another crystal skull, a gold or silver cashe or some gemstones.

It will take me at least five years to be able to even fund a trip to Quito, let alone pay for a guided trip. In the meantime, I have a gym membership and I have every intention to loose 50-60 pounds and to gain another 20 pounds of muscle. I can get myself into good physical condition while I wait to begin treasure hunting.

These are the things that are holding me back.

Stan's response: Thanks for adding your comments here. I'll look forward to your input as we make progress with the physical and financial portions of our studies.

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