Kokoweef, Honduras and Ecuador

by Lontayne

Hi Stan - About a year ago I was looking up the Guayape river in Honduras on the internet and then decided to look up the Coaque river, which is how I discovered your website. It was a delight as I had gone to Ecuador in 1978 and again in 1980 because of Howard Jennings book.

I also read Inca Gold (Dolinger) and later Pino Turolla's Beyond The Andes. I wrote to Pino but didn't receive an answer. I, too, wanted to look for diamonds but spent the next thirty years taking care of my parents and messing with other peoples' problems.

Anyway, I see that you are interested in Earl Dorr's underground river of gold. Back in the late 60s or early 70s I read a magazine article by Ray Dorr who wrote that he was Earl's nephew and that he rememered visiting his uncle when he was a kid. He said that he remembered his uncle's cabin and that his uncle had been excavating a shaft down a fault line inside a natural cave in a canyon over the mountain west of Kokoweef Peak.

Well, I made a couple of trips over there from Las Vegas and found the remains of a cabin and found the cave and went down the ladder and there was a fault line crack about an inch wide. Ray Door had mentioned feeling a waft of air coming from the crack but I didn't notice any.

Also, about the lost Spanish ship in the desert - Karl von Mueller said it is pure fiction - that it was made up by a woman writing under a man's nom de plume.

I was wondering what you think of the Gold Exorcist drywasher. They say that 98% of placer gold is fine gold and it saves 99% of the gold if themedia is dry. And it i supposed to be fast. The secret is in the special non-static filter. It sounds resonable but I haven't tried it. I remember when I was in Ecuador thinking/saying that I would just as soon live there as in the US. - All the best -Lontayne

Stan's response: I really enjoyed your message Lontayne. I see we like all the same books.

Pino passed away a number of years ago. His widow once spent a day filling me in on his life. He was really an amazing guy!

I love your Earl Dorr story.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know anything about drywashers. I can't really help you there.

Thanks again for writing!

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Apr 10, 2016
Responding about Kokoweef and Earl Dorr
by: Mark Dorr

Lontayne (and all),

Yes, the shack was in the area (I don't think much is left now.) Ray Dorr (my father) did spend time with his uncle Earl Dorr and is the only living expert/writer on Kokoweef who's actually met him. He also knew him since Ray was a kid, and Ray visited with him near Kokoweef as well as many times with family.

Please note that there is a lot written and said about Earl and Kokoweef, so have a critical eye. Some is true, some is speculation, and some is wild speculation.

Mark Dorr

Stan's response: It is a pleasure to have you here with us Mark.

Mar 31, 2011
Lost Ship in the Desert
by: John/ Pensacola,Fl

I would beg to differ with the individual who says the story is a myth. I wrote a paper for my maritime archaeology class a couple of years ago.
I will be happy to forward the information I found after several months of research. I received an A on the paper. Basically there was a captain Juan Iturbe who was sailed up from panama to the gulf of Calif. The written report to king Phillip exists to this day in the archives in Madrid. He was on a pearling expedition.He sailed up the Colorado to the inland sea that existed when the Colorado River overflowed by over 100 ft. and created a huge inland sea in what is now desert. The water marks are still visible on the mountains today. The water receded and the ship became trapped. The crew hiked to the pacific and was picked up by another vessel. The ship was loaded with pearls traded for by the Spaniards.

The acidic environment and dry conditions have probably turned the pearls to dust by now. To find an intact Spanish ship would be a treasure since we currently cannot build a galleon that will sail anywhere. all built have to be towed.

Jan 30, 2011
Gold Exorsist
by: John

Save your money! My brother has two of them sitting in his shop that he would not sell to his customers because after trying them, he could not sell them in good conscience, to his customers. He would sell them very reasonable, if after knowing that he does not recommend them as being very useful, you would still want them.

Jun 16, 2010
Micro gold
by: Keith

I saw the comment on the exorist dry washer. I've seen an ad for it and am curious on how it works also.

But I would like to hear Stan's comments on very fine gold and platinum in micro amounts. From what I have read, 98 percent of gold on the planet is in this form. How would a person test soil, sand, or gravels for this - fire assay?

A company in British Colombia also claims to make a machine that will capture this. (iConcentrator.com) It looks interesting. Check it out.

Would there be readily suitable material to put through this machine in Colombia, Ecuador, or any other places in South America? Thanks, Keith

Stan's response: Over the years, I have seen, literally, hundreds of devices and inventions for capturing micro-fine gold. In my experience, 98% of them are either fraudulent or pretty much a waste of time. While I am passively interested in the subject, I quit searching many years ago.

My experience has been to remain focused on operations where there is plenty of medium-sized and course gold to make a profit. I try my very best to always increase my recovery rate, but I don't sweat the "small stuff" too much anymore.

For me, this is practical reality.

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