JV Opportunity, Historic Virginia Gold Mine

by William Kilgore

For the past decade I have been exploring the Historic Moss Gold Mine in Goochland County,Virginia. USA. This mine opened in 1835 as a placer operation. The ore body was located years later but the mine only operated sporadically due to the California Gold Rush, the Civil War and both World wars. It officially closed in 1936 but was explored again in 1949.

At its high point, a mill house and stamp mill were erected along with a 150 foot long shaft on a 45 degree decline. A 228 foot shaft on a 45. And a connecting drift 174 feet long at the 150 foot level (75 feet below the surface). The ore body runs persistently parallel to the drift for over 200 feet and averages 3 feet in height.

Additionally it carries an average of 1 OPT Gold and abundant silver. The vein dips at 30 to 32 degrees from 75 feet below a soft saprolite overburden to approximately 120 feet. This section of the quartz ore conservatively carries over 1500 ounces of gold and abundant silver and lies directly on bedrock. I have a COUNTY CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT for an open pit mine and a contractual purchase option on the property and all mineral rights. The only thing needed to begin operation is a State Approved Engineered Mining Plan.

Most importantly is that I have recently located a fault zone at approximately 120 feet below the surface where the vein goes nearly vertical and its grade increases to over 11 OPT. This fault line runs the length of the veins and is the source for the gold. Exploration proves it runs down to at least 220 feet (extent of exploration) but likely runs much deeper. This explored fault will conservatively carry over 15,000 ounces of gold and again abundant silver. The gold is all free milling and runs. .895 Fine.

I need and active or passive partner to invest 1.3 million for one half of the company. Investment will be secured by the 58 acre property. No better deal anywhere. Interested parties should contact me ASAP.

Wkilgorejr@AOL.com. Documentation, assays and core samples available. I will relocate onsite and handle beneficiation. Excavation and crushing will be contracted with your investment. Reaching the extent of exploration should be accomplished the first season insuring terrific and fast ROI and Profits.

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Alternative Investment Opportunity
by: William Kilgore

I can also offer a less expensive opportunity for an active or passive investor. For $325,000 USD, I will award 50% ownership of the property. All owners will share 20% of the net profits from mining.

Should that investment not be recouped within 3 years of operation, I will guarantee your investment with my half of the property that is worth far more then $325,000.

I expect the profit from the first season to make this investment profitable and for net profits to surpass $100 million USD within the first three mining seasons.

Thank You and may God Bless

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