John (Jack) Dougherty

Hi Stan, I've been reading a lot about living in Ecuador and am becoming very interested. Enough that I may visit for a week or two this winter (Jan) to get a feel of the country. My wife is not so enthusiastic about a move as I am and if we did move, it would probably be a part time residence. I don't think I could convince her to go full time.

If we go where you suggest, we go for one or two weeks. My wife is not a beach person in that she would never sit around enjoying the sun and surf. She's a person that likes to tour and see the country more than just relaxing.

I, on the other hand, would not want to do too much walking because of my knees. I did a lot of travel around northern B.C. before my knees gave up on me, especially in the Atlin area.

I have followed your adventures for a number of years, but could not afford to travel down there much as I wanted to.

I guess what I would like to know is your suggestions being you live there an have traveled the country.

Thanks for any info you could give me.

Best regards, Jack

Stan's response: Good to hear from you Jack. What I like about Ecuador is that it offers any kind of climate or surroundings that you might want.

I would be happy to do a 20-minute, free Skype call with you to ask you some questions and then share my opinions with you. Please email me with the address you see at the bottom of my web pages. We can organize a chat. Talk soon, Stan

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