by Jack

Jack and Tracy in Ecuador

Jack and Tracy in Ecuador

I just celebrated my third "anniversary" living in Ecuador.


I can't ever thank you enough for encouraging me to escape from the "rat race", to break out of my comfort zone and make a change for the better. Tracy and I love Ecuador. The people, the climate, the cost of living, the adventure.

I only wish I could have known what I know now about 30 years ago. Well, I know now, I am here now, and am grateful for every day.

I sure like the look of "The Wealthy Adventurer's University". I hope people will join this forum, and will ask any questions they might have. We are happy to share what we have learned in the last three years.

Stan's response: Thanks Jack! It is a pleasure to know you and Tracy. Now, if I can just escape from Cuenca for a few days to come visit you on the beach, that would really be a huge bonus.

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