It seems too good to be true!

by Sam
(Mena, AR, USA)

I was in a bad wreck. I can't really see me traveling the world.

Stan's response: I am so sorry to hear of your accident Sam. You know what? Some of my greatest adventures in life, especially over the last couple of years, come from my friend, Google.

I often get so excited by what I discover doing Google searches for the most rare and esoteric subject matter.

Google Earth Pro allows me to explore the most remote and amazing places on earth. I have now discovered more lost cities on Google Earth than I have in real life!

The sky is the limit with the internet. I suggest that you evolve a very adventurous lifestyle without leaving the house Sam.

Please keep me posted. Let me know if you would like more adventurous suggestions for using the internet.

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Jan 21, 2011
I KNOW a little about that!
by: Pat George

After taking a hit in a mining situation, I now have nearly enough titanium in my back to build a space shuttle, and spent seven years sitting looking out of the windows healing up. One of the major things that helped me keep going was reading, and just as Stan said, research on the internet. I always wanted to go back and finish school, so I just read everything that interested me, including many of the Harvard classics.

Somewhere along the line I caught GOLD FEVER and found that to be a whole new world of learning! Geology, earth sciences, Stan's e books on gold recovery, and Gold Prospectors of America club stuff. I just started out really slow, and built up until I am able to do more than I ever dreamed I would! You have gold down in AZ, perhaps metal detecting in your front yard would prove interesting. THAT'S WHERE I STARTED! Adventure, like gold, IS where you find it! The main thing is to go out and do something that's fun for YOU.

God Bless,


Stan's response: I couldn't have said it better Pat.

May 31, 2010
What's up Cuzin!
by: Anonymous

We must be cousins. I grew up around Little Rock and raised my kids in Van Buren, AK. we all must be related.

I now live here in Ecuador, 4 hours from Stan and it is great here. However, even if you don't have a lot of expendable funds you are not far from one of the best places in the world for treasure hunting. Try Murphiesboro, AK for the only place in North America to hunt for diamonds. They are so plentiful that they are found on top of the ground after raking up the ground with a tractor, and they do it everyday.

It does not take a lot of gas from where you are and the exercise sounds like it would help build up the strength in your arms.

Good luck and hope you get your strength back,
RICHARD BODEKER (check me out on face book)

May 28, 2010
I am not immobile
by: Sam

I can walk, run and jump after much physical therapy. But one of my arms was badly damaged.
I did have a good job before the wreck, but am currently unemployed.

Stan's response: Sam, you should look at valid income opportunities as generated via the internet. I have tremendously enjoyed the FREE, "30-Day Challenge" put together by Australian, Ed Dale. I simple Google search will take you there.

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