It is now time for me...

by Jim

Yes, the E-course sounds great.

I have found many good things but my task now is to try and put them all into a working, flowing, daily method. Somewhat like a dance, putting all the steps together and just flowing rather than thinking each out and plodding at it.

When will the modules be ready? I have a feeling one of them deals with Wattles, Science of Getting Rich. Was that the material that helped when you were at the low point you spoke of?

I have taken a SOGR course and worked at it over the years. I stopped and started at times. The course sometimes confounded me as to what it wanted me to do or what it was trying to teach. I completed the course and currently am re-reading it to try and put together a method out of all the pieces.

Nowadays I am totally open to opportunity. I have let go of health care as a career. This time I did all the classes and requirements for dental hygiene school. I was admitted to a program only to find out the dental hygiene field has imploded. Economy down and many new private schools producing graduates at a faster rate than the community colleges ( I was accepted to a community college program with an excellent reputation) can produce.

The result is no jobs for grads and hours and days slashed for the people already in the field. The dentist is doing the cleanings now as the more expensive work is not being undertaken by patients.

So, I am weary of trying to help and heal and save etc. Really worn out and so are my finances. I want to do things for me now. With the time I have left I want to start living a more fulfilling life and have what I have seen others have and feel that I have been denied having. I don't think that is too much to ask, nor is it being selfish on my part.

I have done a lot of good for other people and have helped many people. I think it is time for me to do something nice for myself now.

Chat with you later,

Stan's response: Thanks for your message Jim. I found several profound issues in your e-mail. I think a lot of people can relate to any one, or perhaps, all of them.

First, I believe in being selfish. Sound awful? Just read about Ayn Rand's, Virtue of Selfishness ( That says it all for me. Yes, Jim, it is time for you to be selfish and do what you think is good for you!

Next, yes, we do live in uncertain economic times. It is so vitally important to know how to make money on your own (self-reliance) and not rely on an employer or a specific, single profession for your livelihood.

Some of the very best ways that I have found to maintain financial stability in uncertain times is to know how to find gold and to know how to sell digital information products on the internet. I don't believe that either of these 2 income sources will ever dry up in our lifetimes.

I am glad to hear that you are open to new opportunities. Our new e-Course will give you amazing tools to create multiple streams of passive income for yourself, among other things. You will be able to gain a great feeling of independence as you watch your abilities and income grow.

The first Module should be ready to go live in the next day or 2. Please keep me posted on your progress Jim.

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