It All Starts With Attitude

by John

From my first involvement with sales over 42 years ago till now I have been a student of positive thinking! I could not agree more with all the tips and encouragements offered by you, attitude is everything! Your attitude determines your altitude.

The Jeddi mind trick used in the movie star wars by ob1kenobi is real as personal magnetism. There is so much to be gained by allowing yourself the opportunity to dream.

I was fortunate, as a young man I was surrounded by like minded men in one of the top producing John Hancock Agencies in the country. These men were free to manage their time any way they wanted and no one cared (long as weekly quota was met). We had a pool table, pinball machines in the agent area to help us relax!

Due to my involvement with all the positive minds I became infected with positive power and have been ever since!

Keep up the good work Stan and do not become weary of doing good. John

Stan's response: Thanks for the encouraging comments John. They really help to keep me slugging|!

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