"Ishmael, Ishmael! Where for art thou?...

by James L. Weaver
(Freedom, CA)

In an interview some years back, world renown British artist, David Hockney, said that his goal as an artist, was to eventually become "restaurant rich" - rich enough to take any and all of his friends to dinner at any restaurant in the world, anytime he chose to.

Fortunately for him and his friends, I think he succeeded. To me, that goal accomplishes far more than living a beyond a lavish lifestyle which might include solid gold bathroom fixtures and the like. (?)

Although I'm 68 years old, I'm in reasonably good enough health, to "rough it", up to a point - that point being until I feel like I'm back in the Marines, on some field problem, in a foreign country.

Right now, I could take part of my savings, fly to Australia and search for gold for a couple of weeks, and would most likely thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. But I'm not going to.

Also, I could always go back to continuing my exploration of Western Europe, then board a ship on the Grande Canal and discover/pursue gold prospecting in Eastern Europe. But without traveling in reasonable comfort, and certainly at the expense of someone else, I'm not going to do that either.

What I AM going to do is remain here in the States, taking short gold/gem mining trips as I drive around the country, and once the term "discretionary income" slowly creeps back into my vocabulary, I'll resume taking annual trips to Europe and elsewhere, but never to places whose population is less than 250K, or doesn't have at least one 4-star hotel, as I've had all the camping and eating MRE meals I care to, thank you.

Your Training System project sounds interesting, but the more I read about it, aren't you really trying to locate your "twin" - a male or female, who's spirit, dedication, work ethic and need for adventure mirrors that of your own? If that's the case, I think you'll be much more able to "fine tune" your contact list, and eventually locate the "Ishmael" (Moby Dick sailor) types, who might benefit from your guidance and experience.

In any event, Good Luck with your project, for it sounds very worthwhile... for the right person(s).

Stan's response: Great to hear from you James. I like your plan and the way you think. I love your "restaurant rich" comment. That really says it all.

Actually, I have already found several "twins" in my life that are great friends and think similar to how I think. Each of them eventually moved to Ecuador where I live and we are currently cooking up great projects to work on together.

Now, I want to help other people find their own "freedom" paths to walk down with their own twin friends.

Please keep in touch James.

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