Investment Fund

by Andrew
(Halifax, UK)

I'm a big fan of your adventure writing, and just found your trading sites last week. I'm a complete novice when it comes to stock and currency trading, having spent far too long languishing around eBay and Amazon trading. It looks very promising and I'm going to continue trawling through the lessons and back issues.

However, it's occurred to me that most Traders who hit upon a successful strategy start a fund, and I've been wondering if you had any inclination to do so?

I imagine there are considerable numbers of people who have neither the desire nor the wherewithal to get their heads around
stock/currency trading, who would be much happier paying 10-15% of profits to an expert such as yourself to invest their money for them.

If a website could be constructed where people could see the size of the fund, their own stake in the fund, the daily and historic income/loss that is generated, and they could deposit small amounts and withdraw funds at any time, then I think it could well be very

As well as the downright lazy, it would also attract people who wish to see the system in action before investing the time and effort of becoming expert traders themselves. I myself would be happy to invest a few hundred dollars/pounds in such a fund in order just to watch it. This would serve to raise or diminish conviction that mastering this alien marketplace is a worthwhile pursuit.

Best regards,

Stan's response: Hi Andy, Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I have thought about starting a hedge fund or something similar. However, I am far too busy with other projects these days.

I would be interested in finding working partners with expertise in setting up and managing a fund. My Trading System could be used to manage a variety of markets. I love the idea, but just need a couple more lifetimes to get everything done that I would like.

Please let me know if you have any contacts or good ideas!

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