Intrigued Reader - Stan Grist

by Allen Spehr
(Columbus Ohio)

I find Stan's report very interesting and I believe I read about some of his other expeditions several years ago when I stumbled on them. He is an excellent writer who knows how to keep his reader interested. I find his life intriguing and to be quite honest, I am a little jealous of him because the things he does I can only dream about. I would love to be with him when he travels it sounds like so much intrigue and excitement.

Yes, and also some hardship. Did he happen to stumble on an old aircraft in his travel to that area? I had read about a pilot who had crashed a plane in the jungle of Ecuador and who managed to walk out of the jungle alive. Stan's story is totally fascinating.

I grew up in Eastern Papua New Guinea and saw many sites and sounds while I lived there. My parents were missionaries and I got to enjoy things like wild parrots of various colors gliding in flocks and eating kapok beans from kapok trees.

I saw the most beautiful water lilies both white and pink in color and I enjoyed watching water lily leaves turn silver when they were pushed below the water. Stan's adventure reminds me of the days I spent in the New Guinea jungle on a hike when we found a world war 2 unexploded aerial bomb still stuck into the ground about 8 years after the war.

I got to drink from a pure mountain stream that was ice cold. I remember the sing sings when the natives painted themselves and wore leaves and the detestable smell of pig grease that could take your breath away.

A friend of mine also a missionary kid used to dive for octopus and spear them just like the natives and he would surface from the water wearing a big grin and he would cook the octopus and eat it on the spot. It was like growing up in paradise and that is what Ecuador sounds like paradise!

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May 20, 2013
Adventure Lover
by: Anonymous

When I was quite young and wondering about the World around me? I made the most marvelous "Discovery" books. I found in their pages words & pictures. Through which I could go anywhere, do anything, be anyone. I could travel from the Earth to the Stars.

When I read Stan's stories. That vivid imagination I developed as a boy still serves me well. His detailed accounts makes it easy to tag along and see hear & almost smell the humidity.

I still love it even as a boy of 72. Good Show Amigo.

Native Texan, Scot & Comanche heritage.

By Grace, I am still able to Gold Prospect, Oregon
mountains & Rivers. Good Hunting!

Stan's response: Thanks guys.

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