Inexpensive Beach Property - Tiny House Availability?

by Cindy McDaniel

I am a single woman without much money to buy property. I want to get off of the Titanic before it sinks. Are there any really inexpensive tiny homes, like $10k within a few miles of the beach?

I have lived on a boat for 8 years so I can live a different life than mainstream Americans. I am writing from my phone and it is really difficult. I cannot view with mobile site and it keeps popping on the way, so excuse if typing is shoddy! Thanks Cindy M.

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Nov 08, 2014
Check Ninilchik Alasak
by: Jason Cunningham (HOMER ALASKA)

I have a friend here who got 5 acres for $10,000 with water and electric. He built a cabin. It is not many miles from the ocean. Just type in the key words "Ninilchik Ak. $10,000 5 acres" on google and surf around, maybe call a few local real estate agents. Jason

Oct 30, 2014
Ideas About Moving Overseas
by: Jim

Stan's site is great.

Another great site to look into for ideas and how to stuff is:

They have in-depth reports and also ideas how to earn a living overseas.

Best do lots of poking around on that site.

Going over for a vacation is a great idea so you can experience the place before giving up everything here.

Oh, I have heard that the Gov't will not mail or send your social security benefits out of the country. So you need to consider that. I am sure people here can come up with some ideas.

Also, consider teaching English overseas for income.

Good luck

Oct 30, 2014
Wish I Could Help with Cheap Real Estate Ideas!
by: Chuck

I wish I could add a cheap real estate location. But I am glad that I read the current comments! I wish that I took Spanish in high school and college! I do have real estate contacts in the more expensive areas! Chuck

Oct 30, 2014
by: Anonymous

If you ignore the bad reputation, and speak some Spanish, Honduras is a great place to live. Been here 3 years and love it.

Oct 30, 2014
Inexpensive Housing in Ecuador
by: Anonymous

I Would come here and rent first. Rentals are very cheap if you get out of the gringo zones.

The last apt. I had in Ecuador was 160 dollars a month. It had 2 baths, 2 bedrooms, a huge living room, kitchen, large deck with great views, plus one other room with huge windows I had an office in.

The coast area is cheap, but for a single woman you really need to find the right area first. My suggestion rent something first.

If you like the area, buy a piece of ground, have someone build a small house can be done easy for less than $10,000 in non-gringo areas.

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