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Dear Stan, I'm 66 (think and feel much younger) with fixed income that's mostly all spoken for before I receive it.

I want to start some sort of online business related to buying gold or refining it, as well as all of the nice and unusual items I come across as I travel to pawn shops and individuals buying mostly scrap gold for less than spot price. I've been buying and refining for 22 years now, but the percentage profit is low and I need to be able to increase the profit.

Would appreciate any advise you can give as to what information you have that would be good for me.


Stan's response: Thank you very much for your comment and request. I have been getting the same requests from numerous Club members over the last few weeks and months.

I am working hard to create a unique Wealthy Adventurer opportunity that will allow people to build a portable business that best suits their talents and experiences. This is a business that can be operated "on the go". The concept is for Club Members to learn to operate both a physical and digital version of their business in the same niche, simultaneously

I plan to announce this before the end of the month, or even sooner. Thanks for your patience.

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New opportunities
by: William Kilgore

Looking forward to this news Stan.

Also wanting to know more about your recent accident.

Looking forward to this
by: Jim

I am looking forward to hearing about this opportunity.

I see how things are getting less free and more controlled even your daily activities on a job.

I considered health care but what a huge mess that is here all the way from education to clinical training to passing boards to finding a job (a big if now) to doing your job day in and day out.

Things are so alien from 40 years ago... even 30 years ago.

Just trying to live your life is so complicated.

Auto repair is about 4X's as it was 15yrs ago, possibly even 10 yrs ago. That is parts as well as labor.

Freedom and ease of life are what I crave now.

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