In Ecuador, would anyone in Quito like to meet up and talk Adventure? (Jack...Stan...anyone)

Hi guys, me and a buddy are now in Quito and are looking to meet a few like-minded people. Would be great if we could meet over a few beers. Jack and Stan, if you're interested, leave your contact details at my email, or let us know a time that would work for you guys. I've got something in particular to show you, but I'd rather do it offline. My emails are or . Hope to hear from some one soon, Rob

Stan's response: Hey Rob, I really appreciate the invitation and would love to meet up. My problem is that I am based out of Cuenca now but constantly traveling around the southern part of the country setting up a new gold mining project.

If you're ever down this way and I'm at home, that would be great to meet up. Jack is based out on the coast these days, but he is moving around a bit too. Hopefully, a few of our readers might be in the Quito area this week.


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